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Goat is the result of animal and human Affair

It makes no sense, a goat-faced like a man born in central Zimbabwe.  Goats that survive only a few hours after birth on Sunday, August 30, 2009.  The villagers gathered in Maboleni, 40 miles from the city of Gweru to witness this oddity.

The creature was finally burnt by villagers who believe in superstition before it got taken to the lab for further study.  Goat was born with a face like humans, have a nose, mouth, neck, shoulders, back and like human skin.  But he has the legs and tail like a goat.

The local governor, Jason Machaya claimed on Wednesday that the creature was born as a result of human actions (?????).  He said: "A grown man is responsible for this matter." However, experts immediately denied this claim by saying that it is impossible a man can have sex with animals and gave birth to a creature half-human half-animal.

One of the doctors in the province named dr.  Thomas Sibanda regretted the burning of the creature because he was not given a chance to examine it further.

The local residents believe that the creature was born out of magic, but Dr Sibanda still want to see it in the perspective of science.  According to Dr. Sibanda, the goat was likely to have hydrocephalus, a condition in which he had an enlarged head that contains water.  This condition can cause the creature has a face like a human.
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