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10 State of the Super Rich
Economic strength of a country is usually measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  Given that figure, the United States is still occupying the highest position as a rich country beyond China and Japan, last August.

However, GDP can not reflect the real wealth of nations because it could be money that was highly concentrated in a number of entrepreneurs, not government.  That is why the value of Gross National Income (GNI) becomes important to measure the wealth of a country.

Here are 10 countries with the highest GNP per capita, based on World Bank's latest data, as quoted from page Daily Finance:

1.  Luxembourg 
GNI per capita: $ 58.810
Illiteracy rate: 1%
The unemployment rate: 4.8%
Budget education spending per GDP: 3.7%

Is a small land border with France, Germany, and Belgium.  Flanked by a large number of countries, these countries grew into one of the major business centers in Continental Europe.  In the next three years, the country is planning to provide bandwidth services with a capacity supertinggi to encourage the development of sophisticated digital economy.

2.  Norwegia
GNI per capita: $ 55.190
Illiteracy rate: 0%
The unemployment rate: 1.7%
Budget education spending per GDP: 6.7%

Is the superrich country that gets a big advantage from the export of petroleum in the 1970s.  This country's main revenue comes from oil and gas sector, as well as technology and communication.  I was so rich, the country is able to fund various social programs and education without the tax burden.  No wonder if there is no illiterate people there.

3.  Kuwait
GNI per capita: $ 53.390
Illiteracy rate: 6%
The unemployment rate: 1.3%
Budget education spending per GDP: 3.8%

Small country in the Middle East has 9 percent of world oil reserves.  Unlike the nearby oil-producing countries, the country is politically stable enough.  Compared with other Gulf countries, the level of education in Kuwait is quite good.  Labor absorption reaching over 98 percent, both in the field of petroleum or export of cement and bricks.

4.  Macau's
GNI per capita: $ 52.410
Illiteracy rate: 7%
The unemployment rate: 3%
Budget education spending per GDP: 2.2%

Special administrative regions in mainland China is a lot of revenue from exports of textiles and various manufactured products.  The country is also well known as one of the world's gambling destination Masyur enough.  Even in 2006, revenues from the gambling sector than Las Vegas.  The majority of residents use it as a farm business by opening a casino, hotel and resort development to attract foreign tourists.

5.  Brunei
GNI per capita: $ 50.920
Illiteracy rate: 5%
The unemployment rate: 3.7%
Budget education spending per GDP: 3.7%

Like Norway and Kuwait, the main source of government revenue is from the oil industry.  As many as 60 percent of its citizens living depends on the sector.  Financial security to make the government able to provide free education to university.  Just a note, even the Sultan of Brunei was once the richest man in the world.  But lately, there are concerns, depletion of reserves of crude oil will drop the country's living standards.

6.  Singapore's
GNI per capita: $ 50.780
Illiteracy rate: 5%
The unemployment rate: 3.95%
Budget education spending per GDP: 2.2%

Singapore promotes itself as a friendly port for international trade.  Local authorities are very strict control of people's economy through advances in electronics and pharmaceutical industries.  In addition to promoting the general welfare and public services, the government is very concerned about the education level of society.

7.  United States of America
GNI per capita: $ 46.760
Illiteracy rate: 1%
The unemployment rate: 9.6%
Budget education spending per GDP: 5.6%

The population and geographical conditions make this superpower does not emerge as the richest country in the world.  Even the unemployment rate twice Luxembourg.  The country is promoting capitalist economy that was not too prioritize social programs.  However, these countries did not hesitate to spend big budgets on education.  Although quite advanced, socio-economic disparities in this country quite obvious.

8.  Hong Kong's
GNI per capita: $ 44.090
Illiteracy rate: 3.4%
The unemployment rate: 3.6%
Budget education spending per GDP: 3.3%

This country's economy relies heavily on re-export of products.  Hong Kong benefited from the economic transition industrial exporters to the international banking center.  Government of Hong Kong's pro-free trade.  The country is prioritizing its budget on public welfare and education of its citizens.

9.  Swiss
GNI per capita: $ 43.440
Illiteracy rate: 1%
The unemployment rate: 4%
Budget education spending per GDP: 5.3%

Swiss people have benefited from government policies that are very business friendly.  This makes Switzerland a center of investment and international banking.  Tax policy is very light also makes Switzerland grow like a paradise for wealthy businessmen of the world to spend their money.  The service sector has grown prosperous to meet the demands of these groups.  The country also received huge profits from the export of industrial machinery and chemicals.

10.  Netherlands
GN per capita: $ 40.940
Illiteracy rate: 1%
The unemployment rate: 3%
Budget education spending per GDP: 5.5%

The Dutch government played an active role in maintaining high living standards for its citizens.  The Netherlands is a model of social liberal economic policies and laissez-faire.  The Netherlands has a free market economy, which supported the market power of the petroleum refining and electrical machinery industries.  Liberal social policy sector also generates revenue through illicit drugs and sex tourism.
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