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10 Giant Man in the World Ever !

Human beings have a height below which no faces, so many people call it a giant. 10 Giant Man in the World Ever !
1.Robert Wadlow, 8 '11.1 "
Maybe it's the idea with a giant dong this one, the day before yesterday disiarin in one private television in Indonesia, a giant man Robert Wadlow is the highest in history. He often referred to as the Alton giant because he came from Alton, Illinois. At the time of her death she weighed 440 pounds and showed no signs of stopping growing. He was born in 1918, the oldest of five children. He died at the age of 22 years due to an infection caused by a blister on the ankle. His coffin weighed half a ton and 12 pallbearers necessary to carry out. He was buried in a solid concrete dome, his family has a fear when his body will be intervened by curiosity seekers news.

 2.Johan Aason,8′ 9-1/4″

Johan was born in America after a few years his mother moved from Norway. Interestingly she is also a giant with a height 7'2 ". According to his death certificate from the Mendocino Hospital, at the time of death recorded her height 9'2" - if this is true, then he is a human being highest in the world throughout history. He was buried in Montana.

 3.John Rogan,8′9″

John Rogan was born in 1868 and he grew normally until the age of 13 tahun.tingginya recorded until after his death is 8'9 ". Because of illness he weighed only 175 pounds. He died in 1905 due to complications from the disease.

 4.John F Carroll,8′7″

John Carroll (born 1932) was born in Buffalo, New York and known as the Buffalo giant. Although many medical treatments, he grew up in a very fast rate. He grew seven inches in a few months. He died in 1969 and then ketinggianya not recorded on death, However it is believed that he had nearly nine feet in height.

5.Leonid Stadnyk,8′5″

Leonid Stadnyk was born in 1971 in Ukraine. He is a registered veterinary surgeon and lives with his mother. Currently, he is listed as the tallest man according to Guinness Book of Records. A group of businessmen ukraine donated satellite dish and a computer to Stadnyk and now he has Internet access.

 6.Al Tomaini,8′4.5″

Al Tomaini was a giant who claimed a height of 8'4 "(though the Guinness Book of Records stated that he was 7'4"). Weighing 356 pounds (162 kg) and wearing size 27 shoes, Al spent most of his life as a circus giant. He worked with the circus in the Great Lakes Exposition in Chicago, in 1936, when he met a woman who later became his wife, Jeanie Tomaini. Jeanie was born without legs and was only 2 ft 6 in (76 cm). After retiring from the circus, he and Jeanie settled in the circus community of Giant's Camp, Gibsonton, Florida.

 7.Ella Ewing,8′4″

Ella Ewing was born in Missouri in 1872. He was known as the 'Missouri Giant'. She grew normally until age 7, at which time he began to grow pesat.karena lack of record that he is not listed in the Guinness Book of Records. He was the opportunity to display the weird side until he died in 1913 of tuberculosis.

 8.Edouard Beaupré,8′3″

Édouard Beaupre, born in 1881, is strong, and stars in the Barnum and Baileys. He was the eldest of 20 siblings and was born in Canada. when she was nine years old has reached 6 feet tall. His death certificate shows he has a height 8'3 "and still growing. As a strong man, then this feature Crouching down and blocking the appointment of a horse on the shoulder. He was reportedly picked up a horse weighing 900 pounds. He died in 1904 of tuberculosis.

 9.Väinö Myllyrinne,8′3″

Myllyrinne born in Finland in 1909. At one point he was officially dubbed the world's human centipede. At the age of 21 as high as 7 feet 3.5 inches, and weighed 31 stone. She experienced another growth after the attack that led to the final height of 8 feet 3 inches. He died in 1963.

 10.Bernard Coyne,8'2"

Coyne was born in 1897 in Iowa, USA. The World of 1918 recorded a height 8 feet. Guinness record book entries stated that he refused to go to war because he was high. At the time of his death that he might have reached a height of 8 feet 4 inches. He died in 1921 due to liver disease and problems with glands. He was buried in his birthplace, his coffin specially made extra-large.
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