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4 Sex Positions Comfortable While Pregnant

Pregnancy should not be a barrier to obtain sexual satisfaction during sex. Even many women who feel more sexual pleasure when undergoing sex during pregnancy than pregnant sebulum.

The following is the safest sex positions for pregnant women, who cited medic dikarangan magic of books by Helena Frith Powell, titled 'Be incredibly sexy: A Crash Course In Getting Your Groove On-and Keeping It There'.

Women on top
During pregnancy, the woman on top man is the safest position. Sit on your partner's body. This position also makes women more enjoyable.

Missionary position
Forget the classic misonary position, because you will have difficulty with the state of the enlarged abdomen. Lie down and pull your knees into your chest, making it easier for couples to penetration. To be more comfortable, put a pillow under your body.

Sideways position
Lie down with a sideways position, his back to her husband. These sex positions will taste more delicious when a husband stroking the abdomen and other sensitive parts.

Sits Position
Position your spouse sit down and sit on it and face each other. Repeat sex slowly and do not let the couple too much pressure because it can harm your stomach.
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