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Apparently Hitler Just Got A scrotal

Health Report German army confirmed that Hitler had only one in the scrotal testes. This is similar to a popular song sung by British people during World War II to mock Hitler. 'Hitler only had a ball'.

Photo: Adolf Hitler (

It is on the basis of recognition of war veterans Johan Jambor in the 1960s, as written in The Sun. Jambor explains how he helped Hitler during World War I and explain Hitler lost testikelnya. This fact became clear 23 years after the death Jambor.

Jambor died in 1985 at the age of 94. But before he died he had told a priest Franciszek Pawlar. Blassius Hanczuch, co-Jambor match the story according to the words of the preacher.

"In 1916 they fought at the Somme," explained Hanczuch as written, Wednesday (19/11/2008). At that time Jambor and his colleagues to save the wounded troops. Jambor remember Hitler because Hitler was very noisy, screaming for salvation. "Please ... please," screamed Hitler.

At that time Johan saw Hitler's stomach hurt, and the 'ball' is missing one. Once saved doctors, Hitler immediately asked, "Am I still able to have children, doc?"

After being helped and finally in power, Hitler did not know thank you. He even makes Jambor suffer because of knowing her secret. (
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