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Competition Arms AK-47 and M-16

Who is not familiar with the two most famous guns in the history of human warfare, AK-47 and M-16. Each has its fansfanatic.


Each was born from two polar opposites. Each is equipped with a different bullet keliber advantages and keurangannya.
Feud M16 and AK-47 to win the best among the predicate assault rifle had been going on long enough. Because there was no definitive winner, American TV documentary discovery channel cannel, create a special program: Battle of the Centuries, M16 AK-47 Vs.
Tujuannnya find true juaran from each camp. The version used is from version M16 M16A2 Vietnam because it has features full auto, while the AK-47 using early versions of artificial Izmash. The assessment is divided into seven aspects:
1. Ergonomic terms.M16 users have no complaints about the relative posture of M16, while the AK-47 is considered too heavy and stiff, too popornyashort so that the less comfortable in the shoulder. (1-0 to M16).

Accuracy.Both are required to shoot semi-auto, aluminum target at a distance of 600 yards. Shots done six times. All M16A2 shots on target with a spread of 13-14 inches. While the six shots, the AK-47 mamapu only about one time, it was on the left below. (2-0 to M16).

3. Test reliability.Both arms inserted into the mud, water and sand. M16 clearly lost and stuck, AK legend proved, this rifle can holdin fired without a jam. (2-1 still to excellence M16).

4. Test recoil.  

In full auto mode, after the shot to the 12th, firing AK-47 has led to the roof, while the new M16A1 out of the target after 24 shots. (Score 2-1).

5. Test the power of each weapon.Every gun should shoot through the cylinder block of wood weighing 35 pounds 12 inches thick. M16A2 shot just penetrate 2 / 3 blocks, smentara AK-47 managed to penetrate the wood, at once broke into three sections (2-2 for the AK47).
6. Penetration test.Plywood board measuring 2 × 4-inch-thick 9-inch prepared attached. M16A2 5.56 mm bullets penetrated as deep as 3 / 5 parts,while the AK-47 through all the plywood, while solving the three plywood into pieces. (4-2 to AK-47).

7. Price.M16 has a price tag higher 1.5 times than the AK-47. New M16 average 750-1000 dollars worth while AK-47 is only 500 dollars,even cheaper for the dibut copies in China. (Final score 5-2 for the AK-47).Somalia perambok aja nih able to buy weapons they see tuh pake AK47
It's clear now that it gan AK-47 win this fight. However, not AK-47 automatic hastily bought a lot of armed forces. For adherents of effective range is more important than anything else, can follow the U.S. standard that uses M16. however, for those who choose to kill the power and reliability tingggi, please choose the AK-47.
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