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Gay Test in Wild Czechs Same with Virginity Tests

Prague, recently Indonesia dihebohkan with the proposed virginity tests for prospective high school student who violates human rights. Meanwhile in the Republic of Czechs not make a scene virginity tests, but tests homosexuality for asylum seekers.

The government policy of the Republic of Czechs are getting violent protests among human rights activists (Human Rights). In addition to violating human rights, homosexual test procedures performed in the country considered unscientific and likely to harass.

In conducting this test, the officer showing porn movies on the theme of homosexual and heterosexual asylum seekers to be tested, while another officer put on his penis blood flow sensor. Sexual orientation of the asylum seeker is determined based on which image aroused him.

Defence ministry spokesman said not all Czechs Republic of asylum seekers have to undergo a test called the Test Phallometric. This test is only for gay people who were forced to flee into the country because in his home country a homosexual is considered sinful and must be severely punished.

"They come from Syria, Azerbajian, Nigeria and some other countries that apply Islamic Law and punish homosexuality with very heavy penalties," said the spokesman, Vladimir Repka as quoted by the Telegraph, Friday (10/12/2010).

Repka said the test was conducted to ensure that asylum seekers are actually homosexual. He added that countries not taking any chances if there are strangers who pretended to be gay just to simplify procedures for entry into the country.

Homosexual test this directly caused controversy in the Czechs and the government is deemed to have broken the asylum seekers. About 10 asylum seekers have tested this homosexual.

Whatever the purpose, a matter of human rights institutions in the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency which strongly condemned these homosexual testing policy. Gay people who seek asylum have been persecuted in their home country, so that should not be treated like this tend to be abusive.

Moreover, according to the agency, one's sexual orientation can not be seen only from a physical examination. Sexual Attraction also involves emotions, so that would be more appropriate psychological tests to determine a man is gay (like same-sex) or straight
(Like the opposite sex).
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