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Hookers Richest in the World - £ 300,000 fortune

Ashley Paige was not ashamed to admit that her upper-class prostitute. And for six years he wrestle sempanan profession he had in the bank amounted to £ 300,000, luxury homes in North London, sports cars and plastic surgery several times. Although he had a lot of money from whoring he said "I would not say that I am happy."
World's Richest Hookers

Like the real life Belle de Journal-played by Billie Piper on the BBC, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Paige comes from the middle of a harmonious family.
His parents were wealthy ranch owner and he enjoys the good life in childhood. He is well-known schools in the school in Weybridge, Surrey, and he got four A-levels including three grade A.
The next step is to enter College to become a lawyer, but her mother and father said that he must learn to live independently. "They say there is no fee to enter the university, then I think to find the money itself."
The problem I have a good education and do not want to go down the degree of untidiness spooning noodles into his mouth and drank apple cider.
Then a friend confessed that he joined an escort agency lady (female companion) in London. Paige then joined. But then proved it was far from luxury.
The first client that he can be is a fat lawyer at Travelodge. I remember I was on his back while he was snoring on top of me. Uncomfortable, apalgi mouth odor, sngat meneyebalkan. But at least I can cash.

There is another client who wanted me to pretend that she was a baby and I have to give drink to him with a bottle. The others broke into my clothes before sex. I met them at the hotel full of cockroaches.
"After two months I have money of £ 2000 (USD 28 million) and apply to the university." But then the other agency has ever contacted him to see his picture.
"They want to know if I could speak polite and can get along," said Paige. They asked if I would join, and told me that I could earn £ 5000-10000. "I think that for a month income, but they say a book and I can go into the corners of the world. I think it's good for me. "
His first job with his new agency is to meet with American businessmen. They Michlein dinner at the restaurant, in Mayfair London, then went to the hotel. He paid £ 5000 last night. I was told to buy a black dress, handed over the receipt and he will pay. This work is far from the previous job. And I thank you because my client this time had two eyes, nose and mouth.
"He was waiting for me with a bunch of flowers. He pretended to know me and we talked, ate and drank wine. We're back to the hotel and drank champagne before asking me to undress. "
"I enjoyed all these experiences. I have never indulged before. Then he told me that he had a wife and three children. All my clients are married but this one is more dishonest because he was invited to drink wine and eat dinner together. If his wife knew, he would have been hard hit. "
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