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Muscles are interested, Injury Most During sex

undefinedNot a few couples were injured during sex.  When should you enjoy the pleasure of the bed, would not be nice if eventually the pain.

A survey found that approximately one third of the adult population, approximately 18 million people get sick or tortured, either during or after sex.  Ketarik muscle is the most common complaints experienced by couples, followed by a back injury, injury from carpet burn, neck strain, and injury to the elbow or knee.

As quoted by the Telegraph, as much as 40 percent of new couples realize that they are injured on the morning after a night of romance.  Sexual desire that is too hot to make them not too concerned that wound.  In fact, as much as 5 percent of couples forced entry sex work due to injury.  While the other 2 percent had a broken bone, bruised shoulders, knees bent, ankles and sprained wrist, and sprained fingers to bend far to the rear.

Here, the most common injury occurs during sex, among them: Muscle ketarik, back injuries, wound due to carpet burns, neck strain, injury elbow / knee, shoulder bruise, Knee terlikir, sprained wrist, sprained ankle, sprained fingers to bend  far back.

One in 10 people said they or their partner had fallen out of bed during sex and one in 50 people claimed to have fallen a washing machine having sex.  In addition to risks to members of the body, the survey also found that sex can leave a trail of damage around the house, such as beds, wine glasses, picture frames, and so forth.

"Now, sex is a risky business. There are many dangers in and around the house that can cause severe injury if people are not careful (during sex). We were surprised to know that the bedroom was a dangerous location for certain people  . Our advice, get rid of any dangerous objects before starting to fuck and be careful during the sex act, "said a spokesman, poll organizers.

While the sequence of the most dangerous place to make love, namely: Sofa, Appliances, Cars, bathrooms, bedrooms, chairs, kitchen table, Parks, Toilets, In the closet work

Items around the house most often damaged, namely: bed frames, wine glasses, paintings, chairs, tea cups, wall, drawer cabinets, doors, windows, flower vase
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