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Sality and Stuxnet mastered Internet Malware
Kaspersky announced the publication Monthly Malware Statistics for September 2010.  The beginning of autumn brings with it progress Sality virus and an increasing number of malware programs on the website.

Based on statistics Kaspersky Lab, a new variant of the well-known polymorphic, Sality virus, dubbed 'bh' is found widespread in the user's computer.  Newcomers in the rankings, ranked eleventh and spread with the help of that use vulnerabilities in Windows LNK files.  This is a zero-day vulnerability that was first used by the worm detected Stuxnet that are popular.

The same vulnerability exploited by the Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Sality.r back in August.  Geographical distribution of the worm dropper Stuxnet match, they appear most in India, followed by Vietnam and Russia.

'The cyber criminals are usually very fast in the release of the exploit at the time of newly discovered vulnerabilities.  The fact that a large number of users fail to update their software regularly only encourage cyber criminals.  Extensive media coverage about Stuxnet, only serve as advertisements for the vulnerability used by a diverse group of cyber criminals, 'comment Vyacheslav Zakorzhevsky, Senior Virus Analyst, Kaspersky, Wednesday (13/10/2010).

An ad theme is also seen rated second in web threats, for the first time the number of adware programs equal to the number of exploits, which remain popular for cyber criminals.  A total of seven courses AdWare.Win32 made it into the Top 20 rankings this month.  These types of adware are more annoying than damaging.  The main purpose of this worm is to entice users with banner ads that are integrated with conventional software.  Although this worm is generally harmless, but certain programs slow the operating speed of a computer system.

On the list of web-borne threats in September, which aroused the curiosity is a newcomer that is Exploit.SWF.Agent.du which is a Flash file.  Until now, seeing the vulnerability in Flash technology which exploited still relatively rare.
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