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why do cats fear water ?

Most dogs love to swim, and the cats really hate it. Here's an explanation about it can happen.

According to a program director of behavioral College of Veterinary Medicine at the University Cernell Kelley Bollen said, "Not all cats hate water, and not all dogs like water. However, most cats do not want to swim ".

There are many reasons for that. "One factor contributing to the fur they do not dry quickly, and clearly uncomfortable when wet. I also think that this happens because the cat has four legs and walk on solid surfaces, so they did not like the sensation of floating in the water, "said Bollen.

In contrast, some dogs are specifically bred to 'work' in the water, such as the Portuguese Water Dog, Duck Trolling Retriever and Irish Water Spaniel. Heredity is a great swimmer, unlike the descendants of the Bulldog and short-legged dog, a sort Daschund.

According to the wildlife biologists at the Animal Behavior Associates in Colorado Suzanne Hetts, in addition to genetic factors, early dog has also been introduced to water by way of a fun than a cat. However, there are many exceptions, says Hetts
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