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10 City World's richest man [photo]

A list of the richest and most influential city in the world in 2010 was released by British real estate agents Knight Frank and Citibank USA, Thursday (25 / 3).

Ranking is based on comprehensive analysis of the four indices of economic vitality, political influence, the ability of research and standards of living. Of the four indices, the city of New York, London and Paris occupied the top three.

However, from the analysis there is no city that meets all indices. For example, New York lead in the ranking index of "economic vitality" and "research capability", but the largest city in the United States are located in second place for the index of political influence even in the top eight for the standard of living index.

Meanwhile, several big cities of the world have rapid progress, such as Beijing ranked ninth but untik political influence index rose to fourth position. While Berlin is located in a position to eighth, a runner-up in the ranking of living standards.

Singapore became the only city of Southeast Asia in the list of top 10. The city with the smallest area is located at seven positions ahead of Berlin and Toronto.

Here's a list of 10 richest and most influential city in 2010

1.New York




5.Los Angeles






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