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10 Model Most Popular in Japan

No.10 - Arisa Oda

One of the main models in Japan, with a chest-sized element of G which will certainly attract lots of attention.

No.9 - Miri Hanai

Please search for Miri Hanai on youtube when he tried to play tennis ..  He emerged as one poster girl in Metal Gear Solid 3

No.8 - Ourei Harada

Ourei Harada is one of the top models who appeared in dozens of DVDs, and tiba2 in 2007 stopped a career in the hot model.

No.7 - Rio Natsume

Rio Natsume appears also in a variety of DVD and photo collection since 2003.  He is famous for her large breast size, but naturally, which causes small body size, such as "swallowed"

No.6 - Miyabi Isshiki

Only 20 years old, and only in this world, Miyabi Isshiki has got a lot of chest dengna perhatuan because its K-cup and its success in pushing the heat batasmodel closer toward soft porn!

No.5 - Harumi Nemoto

One of the hottest models in the world, Harumi Nemoto managed to publish a lot of DVDs and photo books.  The surplus?  without implants lho!

No.4 - Megumi Yamano

Megumi Yamano also issued a DVD in addition to secure, as well as various photo hot and semi-pornographic film, but its popularity declined in recent years

No. 3 - Aki Hoshino

With the nickname "Angel of Japan", Aki Hoshino has a lot of fun during this annual Japanese man with a DVD and a variety of looks.  As usual, though older, his face was still like 19-year-old girl, which is why he gets a lot of fans.

No.2 - Yoko Matsugane

Yoko Matsugane shot to fame in Japan after the release of more than 30 DVDs, and books the same photo.  Chest with G cup and teasing her face certainly is his best asset.

No.1 - Reon Kadena

The model of the world's most sought-after hot photos, with face and great body shape.  She is one hot model that penetrated the world of nude models, which may be a bit much to help his popularity.  Roen was also an actress, spokesperson and can be seen appearing in various TV shows.
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