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5 Most Expensive PRODUCTS IN THE WORLD IN 2011

In essence, objects that are created are typically used to run the main functions, such as just a pair of scissors, of these objects were created to cut something, say a paper cut, but not all things that the created only in use for utamannya function alone, but sometimes also in a unique and special design in order to increase the value of these objects.

in fact many things are made not on the go to its main function only, but are made to increase the value of these objects, the unique design and is made from the material of choice, and is expected to become the object of special objects in the category of object . Now under inia dlah da most expensive objects pesial throughout 2010, which quoted from

1. Cocktail: £ 15,250

The most expensive cocktails in the world worth about £ 15,250, equivalent to USD 204.3 million. This drink is not contained olives cocktail usually become trimmer, but uses a diamond ring. Created by Harvey Nichols in Manchester, England, this drink should not be taken arbitrarily, but must be escorted by security guards.

It contains 6.5 Cocktail shining pink tourmaline and a set of 18 carat white gold. These drinks are made available to the moon Pink Dinners by a bartender named Jay Malik. A security force is prepared to keep the drink. Visitors can choose different types of diamond rings and the most expensive is £ 27,000.

2. Shoes: £ 1 million

Surely you're curious what it's like using a shoe for £ 1 million or equivalent to Rp 13.4 trillion. The world's most expensive shoes are sold in Harrods, London, England. Having exhibited at the media for a photo session, the shoes in a bullet-proof storage boxes and locked around him. Shoes inspired by the ruby slippers in the movie "The Wizard of Oz" is, made of platinum and decorated with yarn yarn pieces 642 rubies. Shoes designed by Stuart Weitzman.

3. Cut your hair: £ 1,925

If you want your hair trimmed by Lee Stafford, a hair stylist from London, make sure you have plenty of money. He put a tariff is as high as £ 1,925, equivalent to USD 25.7 million. She named style potonganya "couture cut" and only done by Stafford. Champagne, hors d'oeuvres (a variety of delicious food) is also part of the package couture.

4. Denim: U.S. $ 4,000

APO Jeans, denim pembuaat most expensive company in the world, wanting to make products such as Mercedes-Benz. This company creates denim for U.S. $ 4,000, equivalent to USD 36.9 million. They also make jeans for men and women who are adorned with silver buttons and decorative form of spikes for U.S. $ 1,000, then garnish 14 karat white gold, yellow and nail decoration at U.S. $ 1,500, and the studs and nail decoration of platinum at U.S. $ 3,250.

There is also a button and nail decorations made of diamond for U.S. $ 4,000. All denim has a serial number and district assessment form from the official agencies in New York.

APO jeans are made of woven denim India that costs $ 40 per meter. Buttons and ornaments made of precious metals or, if the customer wants to spend U.S. $ 4,000 or more, to get the decorations a dozen white diamonds on the button denim.

5. Wristwatch: U.S. $ 11 milion

In addition to the most expensive, at this manufacturing process also can be spelled out most complicated. The price of this hour is U.S. $ 11 million and sold at Sotheby's. It has 24 golden hours compiling a function, not just as a timepiece.
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