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5 Photos Animal Cloning The Trigger Controversy Results

Cloning has boomed over the last 15 years which started from a sheep named Dolly, until a horse named Prometea.

Dolly, Cloned Sheep One - Photo: Wikimedia
Nevertheless, ethical issues and the effects of the matter had been subject to fierce debate. Here are five cloned animals that are considered cause controversy by Nick Collins, a journalist for the Telegraph.

Sheep Named Dolly
Hewan Kloning
Dolly's presence is a significant milestone in genetic technology that showed that scientists can reverse cellular time by converting adult sheep cell into an embryo which later grew into a new sheep.

Her birth sparked fierce debate about the ethics and consequences of cloning. One writer claims that Dolly "looked at you with his red eyes full of hatred".

Ethical objections against cloning animals is strengthened when the sheep was criticized in 2003 after suffering from lung disease. Animals are overwritten with health problems also suffer from premature arthritis.

Rat Named Cumulina

Cumulina is the first of the 50s throughout three generations of identical mice created at the University of Hawaii in 1998.

Animal cloning is called Cumulina because she is made of DNA from cumulus cells that surround developing eggs in female mice ovaries.

Cumulina is the first animal cloned from adult cells survive to adulthood and produced two healthy brood.

Gaur (Bos Gaurus) Named Noah
Noah Gaur animals (species from Southeast Asia like bison), represents the first experiment conducted by scientists to clone animals that are threatened with extinction.

Scientists at the U.S. hopes can take a major step in efforts to protect endangered species by giving birth Gaur clones on a farm in Iowa. But Noah died shortly after birth in 2001.

Cat Named CC
CC or Carbon Copy, born in 2001 is the first cloned pet.
Scientists hope that creating a carbon copy cat could offer millions of pet owners the opportunity to raise animals peliharan family pet.

But although the original Rainbow which is a fat cat and a white color with brown spots, brown and golden, CC slender with white and gray stripes. Moreover, both cats have different properties, Rainbow CC quiet but playful.

Cow Named Vandyk-K integ Paradise 2
This animal was one of three that developed from cells taken from cows that won many races named Vandyk K integ Paradise in America. Frozen embryos from cloning is embedded in the parent-parent substitute in England.
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