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9 Men Dj Top World

This follows the World's top Dj Dj World top for those who like the World's top DJ ajeb2 ya I recommend to our party invite one Ntar Malem World's top DJ is yes, definitely going to add fun tuh party, not true? The world's top dj Version newspaper Sindo obtained from foreign sites.

Tiesto often meremix songs belong to the band like The killlers, Yeah yeah yeahs, and Bloc Party. Once entered into the Grammy Awards nomination after making singles that became hits all over the world. Real Name: Tijs Verwest, Origin: Amsterdam, Netherlands, Genre: Electro, Trance

2.Armin Van Buuren
Armin Van Buuren been chosen as the best DJ DJ DJ world No.1 out of 100 for 3 years in a row, after being selected by more than 350 thousand Voters from all over the world. He is known not only successful in the world but also as a producer DJ dance music. Origin: Netherlands Genre: Trance

3. David Guetta
He was known as a producer of electronic music throughout the world and had received the title as the No. 1 House DJ. Origin: France, Genre: House, Local

4.Andre Tanneberger
ATB aka Andre Tanneberger known as the electronic music scene, having created some amazing tracks, melodic and became a club anthem in the world. Origin: Germany, Genre: House, Vocal

5. Deadmau
Known as the frequent use of computer technology that is not mainstream, including the software that made their own. Origin: Toronto, Canada Real Name: Joel Zimmerman, Genre: House, Progressive, Techno

6. Paul van Dyk
Musician Grammy Awards Nominees are also briefly ranked No.1 rule the world by DJ Magazine's DJ for 2 years in a row. PVD also been collaborating with David Byme, and Jessica Sutta of Puzzycat Dolls. Origin: Berlin, Germany, Genre: Trance, Progressive

7. Above & Beyond
Collaboration: Aalto, Devils DIRT FREESTATE, NITROMETHANE, Oceanlab, POS, TRANQUILTY BASE, Jono GRANT, Origin: UK, Genre: Trance (all types)

8. Gareth Emery
He comes from a diverse musical background that includes classical piano, jazz, and the little punk rock. Emery has emerged in recent years as one of the master in the genre trance DJ. Origin: UK, Manchester, Genre: Trance (All Types), AKA: GTR, Rue De Gar, Runaway.

9. Markus Schulz
He is most famous for the weekly radio show titled Global DJ Broadcast radio broadcast in digital Import, He is also founder of EDM label Coldharbour Recordings. Origin: Miami, Florida, U.S., Genre: Trance, Progressive, House.
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