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According to research, girl fall asleep more easily than the guy, why?

While I was watching television women are often found asleep while watching a movie that has not ended.  Why women are more easily fall asleep while watching movies?

A study found that women spend an average of 27 hours a week at work and 33 hours on housework, while men spend 41 hours to work and 12 hours to do housework.  As well as women take a greater part in planning family life, while men appear to have greater freedom.

Based on these results in mind that as much as 78 percent of women had fatigue scale is 2-3 times more than the men.  These conditions that make women more vulnerable to easily fall asleep.

"Women have a busy life and do not have enough sleep time, so when he was watching a movie with a comfortable sofa in front of the television will make her feel relaxed that trigger it becomes easier sleepy," says psychologist Janet Kennedy, as quoted from AskMen, Wednesday (26  / 1 / 2011).

In addition, according to a survey found about 14 percent of the more interesting films attention of men compared with women, for example by displaying some sexy women who have low cleavage and displaying upper thigh area.

As well as in most movies watched by people often place women in roles that are less attractive to make them lazy or not interesting to menonton.

Other supporting factors are alcohol consumption, if men and women consume alcohol in the same amount and then sit down and watch a movie then alcohol will affect women more.  These conditions can lead women to more easily fall asleep while watching a movie than men.

If you start to feel sleepy when the movie was in progress, try to do a little stretching, taking a glass of water or cold water and do not watch television while lying down.
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