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Appears Quora, Twitter Will collapsed

During the year 2010, the popularity of Facebook and Twitter like the upper hand.  In contrast, MySpace, Friendster, and Bebo, slowly fading in the universe of social networking.  How are social networks in 2011?

Some say up canceled IPO valuation despite already reached Rp450 trillion, MySpace sold, up to Twitter, which started boring.  However, talking about services like Twitter, it seems this year will be the trend in social networking.

The question is, why Twitter is predicted to be boring?
Micro-blogging service that's still launch some new features to the front, followed by a decline in senior executive or regeneration.  Recently, Twitter also receive an injection of funds to establish ad platform and redesign.
However, Twitter is predicted to focus on advertising and launching platform features to support the business alone.  This is what is feared will make progress slow.  Year ahead, Twitter will be one of the most boring social media services.  But new limited forecast.
For now, Twitter still be quiet.  But, a few moments longer Twitter arrival of 'friends' new: Quora.  In contrast to Twitter, but can say he perfected what belongs Twitter.  He appears to be a global online knowledge exchange.

Such Wiki?  There was a call that way.  Not completely wrong, because on its website Quora indeed said it would accommodate all the questions, answers, and edits made by users.  In essence, Quora expected to answer every question someone from a trusted source.  Collecting knowledge?  Yes.

Quora expected to 'explode' at this year.  Because its function is more or less the same as Twitter, where penggunalah that produce content (user generated content), then Quora will use the moment to overthrew Twitter.  Moreover, micro-blogging site that is expected to shuffle this year.

Social Q & A Site Quora from Silicon Valley could become the new belle of this year.  Unfortunately, Quora which was launched in June 2010 and still can not be fully enjoyed by the public.  However, we believe they will start this year, take advantage of the momentum Twitter and ready to take off.

Quora technology could represent a larger trend, which can meet most criteria for the average needs of users of social media.  If on Twitter, you can follow a person, in Quora You also can follow the topics and questions in addition to people.  That is, you can follow it whatever you like, not merely a figure or person.
This user wishes exploration capabilities that can make strong Quora.  Addictive, and he is likely to repeat the success of Twitter in 2007, where all the people started to register and use it on a massive scale.
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