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Colorful plaster Gareth Bale In Thigh

At first glance may not be visible, but the thigh Gareth Bale is always attached to a V-shaped plaster which color alternated each game, ranging from black to pink. Is it plaster? This technology has also been used Indonesian national team, read the bottom.

Plaster is not to close the wound but rather a therapeutic tool for the treatment of muscle called Kinesio, a kind of "doping" legal. Since created in 1970 by physicians from Japan Kenzo Kase, Kinesio has been widespread use of professional athletes. Lance Armstrong and Serena Williams including loyal users.

"The tape is very flexible and can be used in any part of the body without hampering movement. This plaster surface of the skin scaly like a snake and can lift the skin and improve blood circulation, "said special sports physiotherapist, Alison Rose.

Bale has been using Kinesio tape since mid-September and the exact reason is unknown because he did not suffer any injury. In fact he missed only one of the Tottenham squad that is at the time of the Carling Cup on 21 September.

Bale is believed to use Kinesio to avoid injury while supporting the acceleration running tight. Doctor Stewart Bruce-Low suggests another reason, "Research shows Kinesio can increase power by reducing the energy lost when the muscles move."

Whatever the reason Bale wear, soccer accessories has been the arrival of the next draw after Robbie Fowler's nose plaster is famous for.
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