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Facebook: We Will Not Be Closed
That official statement from the party up about rumors that circulated in several online media as saying up Close March 15. Earlier rumors that obtained from WeeklyWorldNews, that as owner Mark Z fb already feel strong again with all the problems that occurred in his company and involves controlling up that is getting out of control. Even fb closed on March 15, later reinforced by several people in the statement of the social networking site. But with direct fb statement that they will not close, then it is to bury all the predictions and rumors that have circulated since last week was. Even from his own party facebook advise people to take extra care and not easy to believe if you read or heard a rumor that circulated in the media online

Sounds very odd indeed if a company with a fantastic income figures decided to withdraw from the online world. In fact, Facebook has got just got a cash injection of U.S. $ 450 million (equivalent to Rp 4 trillion) of Goldman Sachs and investment research institutions from Russia, Digital Sky Technologies for U.S. $ 50 million to develop the company to be more broadly. And a very silly thing if the social networking that has hundreds of millions of members does not allow users to access personal account miiknya. Once again, "We will not be closed" as a statement from a trusted source.

From the search, site WeeklyWorldNews who throws these rumors is a website that contains a satirical comedy that contains news of origin. The site also contains news about aliens attacking Earth will in 2011 and George Clooney will forward as President. And with a direct statement from the owner up the refuse gossip about the FB will be closed, then all user accounts and fb can feel relieved to be back activity using account these friendships
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