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Here's Mine Sites in Jakarta Nails
Action mines spreading nails on the streets of the capital again troubling many riders. In order not to be a victim, you need to know at any location. The following information from the Data Traffic Management Center (TMC) Polda Metro Jaya on location in London:

1. Jalan S Parman of RS Harapan Kita-way Traffic Light (TL) Slipi (including Slipi flyover).
2. From the direction Tomang Slipi (West Jakarta).
3. Flyover at Pondok Indah Permata Hijau (front Istiqomah Mosque), South Jakarta.
4. Red light Kostrad, South Jakarta.
5. Prof. Dr. Satrio (from the direction of Jalan Casablanca Ambassador Mall, South Jakarta.
6. Jalan TB Simatupang, near the flyover Lenteng Great direction Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta.
7. Casablanca tunnel direction Ambasaador Mall, South Jakarta.
8. Front Tower Saidah crossroad direction Brass, East Jakarta.
9. MT Haryono Road (intersection Statue Jewel and Jewel flyover), East Jakarta.
10. Jalan Gatot Subroto to the crossroad of Brass.
11. Jalan Majapahit (Tanahabang direction toward Harmony), Central Jakarta.
12. Jalan Gatot Subroto, especially ahead of Bank Mandiri before Polda Metro Jaya Semanggi.
13. Jalan Daan Mogot from Kalideres to Grogol.

Director of the Jakarta Police Traffic Commissioner Pol. Royke Lumowa said it could only make sweeping to prevent it. The move by the police every day in the joints of the road which is considered vulnerable. "We will use the inspection is already equipped automobile magnets, to attract a variety of materials such as iron nails in the road," he said.

Motorists are also advised to not run over things that seem trivial in the street, like a pack of cigarettes, newspapers, plastic bags, lighters, or other. Therefore, the possibility in which there are sharp spikes. Jakarta Police appealed to residents to inform the streets are a lot of nails found in mines, to get dealt apparatus.
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