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Honda EV-neo Electric Scooter: Electricity From Honda Matic

Honda EV-Neo Scooter electric scooter is a motor that was recently launched by Honda using Toshiba SCiB battery.

With the use of SCiB, you do not need to wait much longer for charging the battery when discharged, because EV-Neo only took 30 minutes to recharge fully. Imagine with ordinary batteries, at least 3-5 hours it takes.

Batteries are able to make EV-Neo can run 34 km denngan average speed of 30 km / hour.


In the Honda EV-Neo was also found that the sound system used for pedestrian safety where if we activate this feature, certain sounds will automatically turn on when the motor is running at speeds less than 28 km / hour. This feature is similar to the features installed in the electric car start.

Honda EV-Neo It has 2 models of EV and EV-Neo-Neo Pro (there is a quick charger) and will be sold in kiasaran 450,000 Yen - 580,000 Yen
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