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How Facing Boyfriend/Girlfriend Who is Angry?
Undergoing a love relationship is not easy, you will be confronted with various successive polemic, it is bound. One of the classic polemic that occurs when dating is "mutual anger". To face the angry boyfriend, please refer to the tips below:

1. Relax and be calm .. overcome anger your partner in peace .. not until kebawa anger also, if necessary, if the feeling is not strong, please vent away from your partner. only then meet your partner with a head cold.

2. Do not berultimatum if you want to break up with your partner even though his intention joke. Remember, the fight is not the end of a relationship. Stay focused on your core issues.

3. Better to say I hate it when you behave like this than to say "I hate you" because it can disturb the atmosphere.

4. Said softly ato little praise to the couple who are angry and be patient.

5. Often - often to ask for forgiveness in the quarrel, if you are indeed guilty.
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