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How to Attract Attention Proven Men

Many tips are revealed about how to attract the opposite sex. Here are four ways to attract the attention of a man who has been proven by research.

As quoted by the gloss, here are some ways that can be useful for your date with the him.

1. Smile
Study after study has shown that people are generally more interested in other people's face when he smiled. So, do not forget to give a warm smile on the him.

2. Eye contact
Eye is a reflection of the heart. Therefore, do eye contact with the him while talking to show your feelings.

3. Tilting head
Tilting the head turned out to have its own charm. This has been evident from a study. The study said the woman will look more attractive if you tilt the chin to the top left rather than straight position.

4. Using a vanilla-scented perfume
Vanilla has a sweet aroma that provides convenient and enjoyable effect. This scent will make him comfortable to be around you. Surely the he has the desire to kiss your body.
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