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How To Forget Ex? Follow These Tricks!
Do you still think the former and can not eliminate it from your mind? Even now with someone new, you still mengkait-kaitkannya with ex?

Stop and think back benefits. About Women's Health has prepared a six tricks forget the former, and no longer think about it. You are ready to do it?

Do not compare

If you continue to compare with ex-lover, then chances are very small for you to forget the former. Therefore, be sure to select the type of lover who is much different from your previous ex. If you can not do, focus on love your new lover that can not be compared with previous ex-love.

Not duplication

You can not rebuild the same relationship as it has ended. No matter how hard your efforts, there will not be the same man. So prepare yourself to open your heart to new relationships, not just make it feel like you are a previous relationship.

Avoid nostalgia

Surely you do not want to spend life only cried for ex. Think about it, the relationship has ended and you'll easily forget. The easiest way is to start a new relationship to forget the old.

Let no restriction or prohibition

Never be afraid to repeat the same mistakes, and do not try to dodge, because it certainly will make you remember the ex. Free up your feelings. Remember, you are living for the present and future, not past you.

Reduce drama

If still heavy over it, cry. After that, remove the tears, and fortify yourself and fuel your passion. In the next few months, you'll see the "mellow" as mere humor.

Do not have deja vu

Learning from past mistakes is better. Sometimes there was a time you should be subjugated by a certain type of man, the man who made you cry often. For a much better feeling, change this situation! And make sure you can.
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