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How to Wrap Cigarette manufacture of aircraft for kids / nephews you

first of all prepare the packs of cigarettes.  if not buy a pack of cigarettes first,
Then remove all the contents of the cigarette pack as shown and also that such luminium voil [silver color] try not to tear

Then tear parts such as in the picture

And Fold as shown below, to use a piece of sheet used as picture no.  3 [bottom] and then torn to make a hole inside of the crease before, like in the picture [see the arrow], this hole will be used as image No.7
and this section for wings

Then for the other pieces, torn and folded well on the left and right as well as the image below

then the input to the hole, from the picture no.5,
to make an entry must be on the first bend in order to enter a hole as in the picture,
and after entry into the hole, then on the sides of the bend was renggangkan as in the image-related objectives that can be between 2 parts

look like in the picture,
on the green arrows, created a gap by using the cutter / razor blade.  objective that can be inserted into other parts such as the no.9
to which the arrow is red, make indentation as in the picture,
This is later mounted on the tail plane

of the pieces as shown in Figure 8, then united like this
the tail and under his wings ...

create a wrapper layer cigarettes [usually distinguished silver had] become like a cone
this section which will be installed at the front of the plane

The end result like this deh

sorry result like this :D
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