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Malin Kundang Secrets Finally Revealed Mystery
Scientists at Oxford University recently have solved the mystery of the stone on the ground Malinkundang Minang.

A long stone-like figure who Malin Kundang these figures, the Minang folklore, believed to be just a mere legend.

But experts now know that the stones they will be preserved with sophisticated formulas that prowess typical Indonesian recipe ingredients exceed the mummy of Egypt.

Malinkundang secret formula revealed after discovered the remains of waste liquids contained in bottles, safely buried, not far from the stone Malinkundang.

On the bottle label is clearly written "FOR: Malin" which means "to Malin."  Surrounding residents and the Indonesian people in general used to call "formalin" is a secret recipe of common ancestors used to preserve dead bodies, but due to rising fuel prices and a prolonged crisis, formalin is commonly used to preserve the know, fish sauce, meatballs, noodles  wet and of course ... The body, as can be seen in Malin Kundang stone that still remain preserved until now in the land of Minang.
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