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Maps, Images And Layout Palace amazing prophet Sulaiman

Historical records reveal the meeting between Solomon with the Queen of Saba on tests of Saba in the old country of South Yemen. Research conducted on the wreckage revealed that a "queen" who had been living in this region between 1000 s / d 950 BC and traveled to the North (to Jerusalem).

In the letter and the paragraph that explains about the queen of Saba, Solomon also noted. In the Qur'an is told that the kingdom of Solomon and the palace has an amazing and many other details are given.a-el
Based on this, Solomon can be said to have advanced technology his day. In the palace there are numerous works of art and valuable objects, which is impressive for all that menyaksikanya. The gate of the palace made of glass. The mention of Al-Quran and as a result of the queen of Saba is mentioned in the following paragraph:

Dikatakanlah to him: "Get inside the palace." But when he saw the palace floor, he thought a large pool of water and disingkapkannya two legs ". He said:" This is but a palace paved smooth with slabs of glass. "Balqis Said: Yes, my Lord, I have done unjustly against me and I surrender themselves with Solomon to Allah, Lord of the Worlds ". (Surat an Naml 44).

After the temple of Solomon was destroyed, the only wall / tembol left temple was changed to "wailing wall" by the Jews. After the conquest of Jerusalem in the 7th century, Muslims built the Dome of the Rock Mosque Ummah and where the temple was once located. In the picture looks Dome of the Rock.a-el

Temple of Solomon has the most advanced technology at the time and a superior understanding of aesthetics. Shown in the picture above the center of Jerusalem during the reign of Solomon.
1) Doors Southwest
2) Queen's Palace
3) Palace of Solomon
4) The gate with 32 pillars
5) The courthouse
6) Forest of Lebanon
7) The residence pontiff
8) The entrance to the temple
9) The square temple
10) Temple of Solomon

All the people mentioned in previous chapters deserve punishment for their rebellion and lack bersyukuran them for the gift of God, and therefore they cruelly stricken. After moving from one place to another without the state and territory, and finally found a home in the holy land sebah at the time of Solomon, the Jews were once again destroyed because their behavior is beyond the limit, and because their actions are destructive and disobedient. Modern Jews who have settled in the same area by area in the past, again causing damage and "heartened by the incredible arrogance" as they did before the first warning.a-el
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