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Most-testament testament Magic World
Most-testament testament Magic World

Miraculous is the last request of the person is no longer there in the world. Not meet the same disrespect to the dead. However, it is sometimes difficult to fulfill especially if his last request was outside normal limits. Consider the following six most magical testament to this!

1. Want to be buried standing in front of the coffin

A funeral home in Puerto Rico used a special balm to keep the body of Angel Pantoja Medina, 24 years old, to be able to stand upright for three days, facing the guests in front of the funeral and the coffin itself. By using casual costumes, NY Yankees hat, and sunglasses, Pantoja was not like the funerals of other bodies as usual. "Angel wanted to look happy, and stood up," said his brother, Carlos, told the local newspaper "El Nuevo Him."

Funeral home owners Marin Funeral Home, said that the mother Pantoja memita it to meet the latest demands of the child. Pantoja was found lifeless under jemabatn San juan and buried three days later.

2. Giving money to a 12 million dollar dog

Some people may agree dub Leona Helmsley as the 'Queen of Mean', but perhaps not with the dog. Helmsley died at age 87 and his last request was opened to the public. In it, he will give the dog intestate money amounting to 12 million dollars to ensure that the dog was living in a glamorous life. The money will be managed by his brother, Alvin Rosenthal, who also ketiban fortune to get 10 million dollars. In addition, he also asked if one day the dog died, she asked her beloved is buried beside him in a magnificent mausoleum at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Westchester County, New York.

3. Give 3000 dollars to his wife on condition that must be smoking five cigarettes a day

Samuel Bartt using just his will for revenge. His wife during his life is never allowed to smoke cigars favorite. When he died in 1960, her will was then recited. Bartt leave the money amounted to £ 330,000 to his wife. However, should his wife should spend five cigars a day.

4. Died at age 9 and have been married now dying

Every little girl has dreams about her wedding day with a white dress decorated with beautiful and certainly the right man. However, Jayla Cooper, 9, do not have a long time to wait for Mr. Right. Jayla suffered from leukemia for almost two years, and the rest of the time only a few weeks away. Therefore, he had one last request that he wanted to achieve that is married. Finally, Jayla was married to his best friend during their rehabilitation at Children's Medical Center, Dallas named Jose Griggs. "He was very handsome," said Jayla blushed. "And I love him," lajutnya back.

5. Want cremated into space

Gene Rodenberry, creator of Star Trek TV, really love space and science fiction until his last request was not far-seven of these two things. He asked when she died, her body was cremated and sent into space. This demand was finally met after Gene died in 1997. By using satellites Spain, kremasinya ash was brought into the atmosphere and fired into space.

6. Asking removed his virginity by the comfort women

A youth who experience disability and illness in his life wrote a will that dirina want removed his virginity by a woman entertainer before he died. Type of disease experienced by youth 22 years named Nick Wallis is usually not allowed him to survive until the age of 30 years. This desire was communicated to the staff at Douglas House hospice, in Oxford. He explained that he hoped to gain an intimate relationship with a woman and loving. However, the disease is actually an impediment. "It took two years to decide this. I discussed with nurses and parents. Notifying parents is the hardest part, but eventually they also gave their support, "said Nick.

The agreement was made and finally came the comfort women. Nick also claim that these links are not fulfilled emotionally, but women serve targeted very well and understand.

Hmm .. there are just yes-no last will and testament made by many people. But, as weird and difficult as any requests from people who have died will usually be filled with the best. So, have you prepared your last request before he died?
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