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Mysteries of Noah's Boat

The Ark Of Noah or Noah's ark, a ship created by the Prophet Nuh (Noah), which is so embedded in the hearts and faith of Muslims and Christians and so legendary that his invention made Archaeologists from around the world find it very necessary to conduct investigations at the site terdamparnya ie on a mountain in Turkish territory named mount Arafat (Mount Aghi-Dahl). This mountain range is the highest peak in Turkey and is the widest mountain peaks in the world. Many investigations carried out but it always ends tragically, many are not able to reach its peak and ask for mercy as if to keep that history in its cold blanket of mystery. Discovery site was found after about 5000 years buried in snow.
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Satellite photo location of the discovery at Mount Arafat

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They cut pictures of Noah's boat

Noah's boat saga which has brought thousands of living creatures with his voyage (consisting of animals and a few loyal followers who believe in the prophetic teachings of Noah) was found although not in the whole of a ship, but the legacy of artifacts in the form of large vessels with a length of 500 feet, 83 feet wide and 50 feet high. Estimated, U.S. Noah started building his ship was in the year 2465 BC and heavy rains flushed down the earth for years that resulted in the emergence of flood mahadasyat which can eliminate most of the human population on earth is estimated to occur in 2345 BC, shape and likeness of the ship itself was not Noah such as the existing ships, at least that's the narrative of those people who managed to reach a peak and see how big the ship, so also the result of satellite images from NASA who successfully obtained. perhaps more accurately described as a fortress. Its construction using ancient wood solid and there is no more population now. Got the floor about 12 feet high between her decks. a professor estimated the ship was able to load the 3700 mammals, 8600 species of ducks / birds, 6300 species of reptiles, 2500 species of amphibians and the total weight of the bear the ship reaches 24 300 Ton.Beberapa investigators believe that the possibility of 'Noah's Ark' was built in a place named Shuruppak in southern Iraq today, and so the location terdamparnya in TurkiAllah SWT. just added Noah inducted into the Apostle when wai'at aged 480 years and at the age of 950 years. Nevertheless still a debate about the location of Noah's ship terdamparnya it. some say are at a peak 4000 meters high mountain in the peninsula on the island of Omar Ibn Butane and there is also the location of which I discuss this is at the top of mountains as high as 5165 M Arafat, and all parties filed his argument masing2, Waalahuallam bishowab less over 520 Kilometers away and reputedly Noah and all his passengers wandered blindly in the wilds of hurricane storm for 5 months before finally stopping at her current location of the discovery. According to history, when Noah's ark landed the food has run out. They cooked food scraps such as seeds rin for several purposes. They opened the settlements, grow crops and raise while not forgetting worship.

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