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The occurrence of the Crop Circle Image Collection Other World

Crop Circle Image Collection Others in the World: One more strange phenomenon in the world that increasingly adds a stack of phenomena-phenomena that are difficult to be solved by common sense .. humans even though scientists are Crop circles.

Crop Circle is a mysterious natural phenomenon which is now most often in jumpai.Sudah nearly 350 years since the first appearance in England in 1647, until now there has been no definitive answer to how they are formed.

Crop Circle4

Crop circle is a form of circles and other shapes such as geometry (size and plumpness of the range), even some that are commonly encountered form the image of living creatures such as scorpions, sunflowers, bees, agriculture dll.diladang khususunya wheat. In the UK, Canada, America, Australia and Japan, many found the phenomenon of crop circles. This phenomenon usually appears in the summer when farm fields overgrown with plants .. The geometry is sometimes in the form of circles or can also form a unique series of images, which show that the creators adalam intelligent beings. But this is not a crop circle made by humans based on evidence that has been investigated by scientists. So what creatures like less work to make all of this? Crop circles are often found in southern England.

Crop Circle2

Many crop circles linking this with spiritual activities as a series of forms geomtri formed in the farm fields (the images were formed by plants that fall down / collapsed). According to available information, the appearance of crop circle phenomenon is often accompanied by sightings ufo-shaped ball of light. A video that managed to record the occurrence of a crop circle (in oliver's castle of 1996, see photo above) indicates that a crop circle formed in just about 20 seconds. Though the amount in the tens of meters. This phenomenon is even thought to have emerged since hundreds of years ago. A carved wooden sculpture of the 17th century called the "Mowing Devil" shows a creature was believed to be the devil, make mischief in the form of a circle in the fields of agriculture.


Appearance in Russia several years ago is astounding, where they appeared one after berganti.Masyarakat around who saw it really do not understand, how they can be formed as quickly itu.dalam overnight period, about 6-7 crop circle with a large size have been formed dihamparan mereka.Yang wheat fields to make them more chuckle admiringly are various forms of crop circle itself, there is forming the image of sunflower indahnya.Sampai extraordinary moment, a lot of speculation and views on the formation of the Crop Circle.Ada peroses who thought the phenomenon was indeed created by humans, but some are considered purely from the process of natural phenomena. Trusloe Avebury, nr Beckhampton, Wiltshire. Reported 30th June 2006 speculations and assumptions of people about the strange circle crop circles in wheat fields, distant mysterious is the focus that always attract attention and research from the scientific community, and until now there has been no conclusion on the cause of the phenomenon, now there are 5 main versions . Here's the explanation ...

Crop Circle3

1.Perbuatan human ...
Actually hard to believe this if human actions. Quite a lot of them think, that what is called a circle of wheat field was not more than one fraudulent act. According to scientists from the UK Anderro who has investigated while researching this phenomenon for 17 years, that there are about 80% circular wheat fields that is manmade. A British national has told the media, that he and some friends are making a circle of wheat fields in London, England. Previously they had been preparing design drawings, when nearly ripe wheat fields, with a long nail dipantakkan in wheat fields, and the nail was used as its center, in turn, circling the ground with ropes, then came a wheat field circle. The problem is, is it possible he could make a circle in one night without the tools adequate? then made for what purpose?

2.Medan magnet
Some strange circle has been sidelined likely due to human activities. Because the structure of their images (odd circle) are complex, large size, beautiful design, absolutely not the result of man-made that can be done overnight. Although Anderro insisted that 80% of wheat field circle was man-made, however, he was also convinced, that 20% were natural because the formation of Earth's magnetic field effect. In a magnetic field there is a supernatural power of motion, can produce an electric current, so the plants "lay flat" above ground level. Relevant experts from the U.S. that is Jeffery Walson has researched over 130 circular wheat fields, and found that 90% around the circle there are strange transformer associated with high voltage cables. Under the perimeter length is 270 meters long, there is a pool, because in-watered, the ions are removed the soil from the base of the wheat fields to produce electrically negative, while the transformer is connected with high voltage cables produce positive elekrik. After the negative and positive electrical contact to produce electrical magnetic energy, then tear down the grain and form a strange circle. However they can not provide all the answers to the question of how odd shapes that can be formed? Is it possible that energy can take the form of interest or kelajengking?

Tornado 3.Angin
According to physicists at the University of Michigan, USA that is Dr.Delon Smith, that the change is uncertain summer, tornadoes are the main reasons that caused the strange circle. Through his research he found, that a large number of strange circles in wheat fields that appear on the side of a mountain or a region, a distance of 60-70 km from the mountain, where a place like this is a place that is easy to form a tornado. But if a tornado can create a circle with a certain precision is?

4. Artificial Or aliens Aliens of the best known ..
Many believe, that most of the strange circle in the wheat field is formed in one night, chances are the work of extraterrestrials. Since 1990, photographer Alexander said he saw a strange light in the wheat fields, the light was flying here and there between the two strange circle. The presence of aliens in the stomachs of wild ducks in the San Francisco United States may reinforce this notion.

5.Heterodoxy (discordant views)
Some people believe, that behind the circular wheat fields there are various kinds of supernatural powers, so rich in Bermuda triangle. According to this conjecture, there is a strange circle and then call it a "disaster notification", in order to spread the discordant views that meyimpang from orthodox teachings. Why are these strange lingakaran often appear there? And now, a circle that never appeared in a sunflower field, Russia, then why could that be? Maybe we can only wait for scientists to uncover more information.

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