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Photo Memories Harau Valley, Nature Painting A Very Tempting

Charm of a narrow valley, better known by the name Harau Valley, was second to none. Like the fairy tale story, all plastered real beauty in front of your eyes. Amazing ...!!! Similarly, the phrase that came out when your first time visiting the Valley Harau.
Photo: Mr. Jeffrey Surianto

Harau Valley is one of the attractions found in the province of West Sumatra. Harau Valley is located in the District Fifty-Koto, about 15 kilometers from Payakumbuh or 47 km northeast of Bukittinggi, West Sumatra. This location is easily accessible by public transport.
Photo: Mr.Jeffry Surianto

Tourism in the Valley this Harau form steep cliffs that slope is nearly 90 degrees with the ground surface or maybe there is 90 degrees. During the trip, we can see the cliffs - a unique granite cliffs that rise between 80 to 300 meters, and we'll find a big gap with a diameter of 400 meters. Sure ... we'll find a lot of spectacular beauty along the road.

The walls of natural stone such as Valley Harau are very rarely found in the world. Many people like to compare with the Grand Canyon Harau Valley in the United States. Though these two tourist sites have a much difference. Although both have similar natural wonders, but the Grand Canyon does not have a decorated flat valley rice fields.

Photo: Mr.Jeffry Surianto

Entering a tourist attraction located in District 50 Kota, West Sumatra, we seemed to be taken to another world that truly amaze. At the bottom of the cliff, a stretch of rice fields and lush green trees again make the more fascinating charm Harau Valley. Rice yellowing in between two cliffs. Plus the fresh air and peaceful nature .., makes anyone who visits will be more impressed. Beautiful to describe ...

Harau Valley is also divided into two areas namely tourism and Aka Barayun Sarasah Bunta. In Sarasah Bunta there are 5 fruit waterfall, and the Aka Barayun cuman a waterfall there. Harau Waterfall in the Valley is very clear and cold, and there is also a small fish. For waterfalls in Aka Barayun have a pond, with clear water, so if we do not participate "nyemplung" or at least soak the feet and swim, we will lose. How comfortable and cool feeling to linger around the waterfall is so natural it ... hmmm ... SO FRESH ....
Photo: Mr.Jeffry Surianto

While that in Sarasah Bunta natural reservoirs so that the waterfall is still playing at the waterfall so more asyik.Jika feel bored with waterfalls talaga, you should choose a location to Roots Swings because there is more complete facilities and there also has been equipped by the Cottage / Resort.

Both our eyes will not move and flinch watching the beauty and majesty of God's creation. Really. It seemed like our little before the creation of the Great. Waterfall, unusually high and beautiful. Do not want to go home it's feet left of this waterfall.

Photo: Mr. Jeffrey Surianto

Harau Valley was created a thousand memories. You will not have a single reason not to visit this small world.
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