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Side Effects of Masturbation (masturbation) The Excessive In Men

Masturbation is a sign of a healthy sex life. However, if you masturbate too often and too much can affect the sexual health of the public. Men and women have differences in masturbation. Men are more often than female masturbation. Young men have to masturbate more than men who have grown old. Those in their 20s may have to masturbate every day and even several times a day depending on the production of hormones and lifestyle.

However, excessive masturbation can affect the health. As quoted from the article base, the following side effects caused by excessive masturbation.

1. Men who masturbate very often can lead to blisters on his genitals.

2. Masturbation is too often also causes excessive sperm come out so that it can lead to impotence in the future.

3. Another effect is felt tired all the time, back pain, thinning hair or hair loss, weak erection, pain or cramping in the pelvic cavity.

Ideally male ejaculates one times a day. According to studies, men who ejaculated more than five times a week to prevent cancer prsotat and form healthy sperm. And if you experience excessive masturbation is not to give a positive effect on the body. Masturbation can reduce stress and improve blood flow throughout the body.

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