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Solar Wind Energy Can Provide 100 Billion Times From the Earth Needs

Researchers from Washington State University has issued an article in the International Journal of Astrobiology that said that energy from the solar wind can replace conventional renewable energy such as sunlight, wind and biofuels. In this article, the scientists theorized that a giant sun screen, designed to collect solar wind could produce 1 billion gigawatts of electric power.

If it is implemented, satellites Dyson-Harrop - named according to its inventor name - can capture solar energy that contains 100 billion times the energy requirements of the earth. Only problem is how to bring this energy from space to earth and the fact that this solar screen should be as wide as 8400 kilometers (5220 miles).

The display works by directing the solar wind as wide as 4 inches of copper wire that is placed on the screen to the sun. This cable then produces a magnetic wave that captures electrons that are found in the solar wind. These particles were then channeled to a receiver which then generate electrical current.

Large energy generated is then transferred to the collector-collector in the space station, both satellite based on the moon or the earth via an infrared laser beam is very strong. In fact, a satellite network can be arranged to transfer energy from the solar wind screen to the collector-collector on earth. In theory, this method would be cheaper than making solar power station on Earth or in space, which is the theory proposed by the Japanese. If this technology can be realized, maybe we do not have to worry anymore about oil prices continue to soar.
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