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Some properties of cucumber
Some properties of cucumber are:

1.  Cucumbers are rich in fiber is useful to smooth bowel movements, lowers cholesterol, and neutralize toxins.

2.  Cucumbers with high potassium content, has a property alleviate hypertension, mainly due to hypersensitivity to sodium as table salt, petsin or baking soda.

3.  Cucumbers can provide a sense of cool in the mouth to reduce pain in the throat or mouth ulcer wounds.

4.  Sliced cucumbers can make eyes look bright and sparkling.  The trick, just stick cucumber slices for 20 minutes on each eyelid and see the results.

5.  Cucumbers can facilitate urination so as to reduce the workload of the heart and lowers blood pressure.

6.  Cucumber is a cool refresher material, cleanser and moisturizer as well as for all skin types.  Sliced cucumber maupun cucumber juice can be affixed to the face regularly to prevent the presence of wrinkles and make skin more soft.

 7.  Famous cucumber effectively eliminate mild acne.  Paste the cucumber slices in the facial acne and acne usually disappear quickly.

 8.  Cucumbers that are cold, can also be used to treat insect bites, itching due to plant and 'extinguish' sun-baked skin.  Parts of the body scalded-even if the meat wrapped with grated cucumbers, will quickly heal.

 So, do not forget to present the rich properties of cucumber in your lunch menu today
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