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Starring Superman From Period to Period

Who is not familiar with superhero characters Superman, here a little review of Superman:
* POWERFUL - although varies depending on its energy levels, Clark is one of the strongest superheroes on Earth, capable of lifting the aircraft.

* FLY - able to defy gravity, possibly through force of will.

* Invulnerability - bertahun2 absorb yellow sun energy has led to Clark's Kryptonian body to be almost indestructible. Aura His natural bio-electric field strength also has a limited nature in the vicinity such benda2 protect her costume. His robes are not protected by his aura.

Clark could survive in space as long as he has a respirator, and not lose too much solar energy. Without the air supply, Superman can last between 1 hour and ninety minutes in space, after taking a deep breath. Using the power of flight and super speed Clark could cover the distance between the planet itself. Interstellar distances require assistance such as a spaceship, teleportation belt.

* SUPER-SPEED - with the ability supernya speed, Clark can fly from Metropolis to have dinner with Lois Lane in Paris, France, or in a few minutes to fly to the Moon.

* SUPER breath - Clark immunity and internal forces are also present, affect the skeleton and internal organs. After inhalation dalam2 he could blow air like strong winds. Superman is also capable of cooling the breathing in order to freeze the target (the last also has this ability called "freeze breath" and "breath pole").

* SUPER HEARING - Ability to block the votes one by one and scan the people in the city.

* SIGHT - Clark can detect electromagnetic energy over the visible spectrum of normal:
o X-Ray vision - can see a distinguished scene blurry / unclear
o Penglihatam Infra Red (IR)
o Microscopic - who can see small objects
o Telescopic = could see distant objects
* HEAT VISION - in addition, Clark can release solar energy in the form of Heat Vision as a weapon.
On his way seuperman character played by several people including:

Ray Middleton (Superman 1939)

Kirk Alyn (Superman 1948)

George Reeves (Superman 1951)
Bob Holiday (Superman 1966)
Cristopher Reeves (1978-1983-1987)
Dean Cain (Superman 1993-1994)
BRANDON ROUTH (Superman Returns 2006)
Tom Welling (Superman in Smallville 2001-2011)

John Rockwell (Superboy 1960)
John Haymes Newton (Superboy 1988-1989)
Gerard Cristopher (Superboy 1989-1992)
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