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Sweepstakes Prize: Breast enlargement surgery
Breast Girls is in operation at a cost of only 5 dollars. Want Breast Surgery? Or enlarge the breasts? This true story of a sexy girl who perform breast surgery cheapest in the world, which is only about 5 dollars. Danielle Sheehan, 20-year-old teenage girl managed to win the online auction is worth £ 3.90 or about 5 dollars.

A very amazing surprise for Danielle Sheehan, because it managed to win the auction breast surgery which usually cost £ 4,000. The lucky winner of an online auction run plastic surgery at a private clinic in Norwich with leading cosmetic surgeons. Through surgery, breast teenage girls is increasing in two sizes from 34C to 34E.

Dream become a reality, said Sheehan. Opinion about her new appearance, "Much better than what God has given me," In addition, although not yet the biggest breasts, breasts teenage girl is making him more famous. With her new appearance, Sheehan hopes to get an offer as a model. is online auction sites that auction off items with an extra price 'tilt' as £ 0.5 Macbook or about Rp7000, 46-inch LCD TV with initial bid £ 2.29, and the Audi TT latest output in the price of £ 11.73
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