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This is the 7 Benefits Becoming a Woman

In fact, the income of womanhood and the adam in the same job responsibilities are different, although the emancipation of women has long diperdengungkan. It does seem unfair, but please know it's good to be a woman too. In fact, better than just chasing earnings equivalent to pria.

Check out some of the advantages of being female following, as reported by So Feminine.

1. Women have breasts

It takes a male perspective to answer why their loved breasts.

2. Women capable of becoming pregnant

Sure, a little pain during childbirth tiny baby from a woman's body. But by being able to get pregnant, it signifies a woman's body is amazing. Then once the hero is born, women can breastfeed immediately and make them grow healthy. Great is not it?

3. Women do not need to be ashamed of expressing discomfort

It felt so great if it could cry in front of friends and not feel silly. Women are seen weeping, more can be "forgiven" than men who cry.

4. Women can wear beautiful dresses

Would not it be boring if only wearing only a shirt and pants every time? Moreover, more women have many choices for all types of high heels and beautiful dresses available in store displays.

5. Women do not have a penis

She feels lucky so they do not have to experience erectile sudden incident embarrassing. And no need to worry about the length and size over time.

6. Women happier with his work

Although revenue is worse or more or less right, but widely known women in general work much happier than men who do the same job.

7. Women do not have to like sports

I do not know whether it's watching or playing it. Women do not need to be good at ball games.
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