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This is Medical Myths and Facts Wrong About Rheumatism (Pain Bone)

Some say when bathing the night with cold water, you'll catch rheumatism was the fact that the evening bath with cold water will not cause arthritis. That rheumatism is a disease that only attacks the elderly also proved wrong view. Find out other facts about rheumatic diseases, which are summarized by experts from Pfizer by reading this article.a-el
Rematik, antara mitos yang salah dan fakta medis

Myth: The disease rheumatoid arthritis is a disease of bone
Fact: Arthritis is a disease that attacks the bone joints. This disease consists of hundreds of species, including osteoarthritis (calcification), lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. However, it is possible to attack other areas such as rheumatic connective tissue and muscle.a-el

Myth: Arthritis is only attacking elderly people
Fact: rheumatic disease can strike anyone, knows no age and gender. Usually arthritis was attacking people with age above 45 years. But younger people can also be taxable, even found cases of infants exposed to rheumatism. Rheumatic disease in children known as Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthirtis.

Myth: Frequent bathing the night and the cold air caused rheumatism
Fact: The pathological, there is no link between this myth with rheumatic disease. However, water or cold air will cause the joint capsule shrink. This certainly can increase pain in the joints of rheumatic patients. We recommend that patients with rheumatoid arthritis is a hot bath to relieve the pain joints.a-el

Myth: Eating offal cause arthritis
Fact: of the approximately 100 types of arthritis, which is only associated with foods such as organ meats or seafood, namely arthritis, gout or uric acid.

Myth: Antibiotics are needed to overcome the swollen joints
Fact: Antibiotics are used only on the type of arthritis caused by infection. Although the joint looks swollen and red, antibiotics are not given routinely.

Myth: bone pain at night is a symptom of arthritis
Fact: In fact, symptoms that generally occur in patients with rheumatoid arthritis are stiffness and inflammation of the joints (redness, swelling, hot, and difficult to move). This phenomenon is not confined at night and can strike at any time.a-el

Myth: Eat spinach and kale caused rheumatism
Fact: There is no research that links between the two types of these vegetables with the risk of arthritis. Even if there are to be avoided to prevent rheumatic gout are foods that can trigger a purine, such as organ meats, seafood, or alcohol.
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