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This is the Top 10 Social Networking
In recent years, Facebook has surpassed MySpace as the most popular social networking and Twitter has become very popular with Tweet it.  And while the increasing popularity of social networks centered around a social network designed for schools, social networking is increasingly being used by adults.

Social networking function is to unite all the relatives or friends we are far away.  We will not be felt much longer when using social networking.  Until now, Facebook is still the king of social networking are the most popular.  For more details, see immediately wrote a list of Top 10 Social Networking below.

Top 10 Social Networking:

    1.  Facebook with 133,623,529 total visits.
    2.  MySpace with 50,615,444 total visits.
    3.  Twitter with 23,573,178 total visits.
    4.  Linkedin with 15,475,890 total visits.
    5.  Classmates with 14,613,381 total visits.
    6.  MyLife with the 8,736,352 total visits.
    7.  Ning with the 6,120,667 total visits.
    8.  LiveJournal with the 3,834,155 total visits.
    9.  Tagged with 3,800,325 total visits.
   10. with the 3,473,978 total visits.

Perhaps the two biggest surprises are up almost double the monthly visitors from myspace who are second and four times monthly visitors from Twitter.  This is what makes up still stand to be king of social networking.

Actually there are many social networks that exist on the internet, but this paper only contains 10 of the most popular social network now.  If you want to see all the social networks that exist, you can visit the WIKIPEDIA or can also CLICK HERE
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