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This photo Shape the Future of Computers

Current computer prices have dropped drastically it happens every time a new technology that came out of yesterday's technology of course the price will go down drastically, the current world of computers has become more sophisticated with new technologies emerging and environmentally friendly also probably 2 or 3 years ahead will be more  more sophisticated than that now as the development of science and technology, laptop computer is a device that is in want for the engaged or IT users.  It can be used anywhere and laptops also became a professional lifestyle.  everywhere can carry and use, both in the office or cafe while hanging out and drinking coffee, but without realizing the current price of laptops is increasingly declining even current selling price of new laptop range from 5 to 8 million dollars in computer stores.  As a result many people use laptops than on desktop PCs.  Both of famous brands and brand asia and even local brands also participated in the scene also adds to the computer business.

Currently, developing countries "everyone wants to go forward and clever" have created a technology in the world of IT that will shift the position of computers and laptops.  Mini-computer technology is the future that is being promoted more practical and more powerful than current technologies.  Because only rely on a pen or in the form hp but still has the ability to complete such a super computer or laptop PCs.  Currently, the Indonesian state is still the user only and only accept reassembly, but we may hope that one day Indonesia also contributed to computer manufacturers - computer more sophisticated future.  Here are pictures of future computer.

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