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This snail Unique, could Eject Light

Hinea brasiliana is a  sea floor snail that can give off light to surprise the predators that will attack
Several animal species have a natural way to protect yourself each of the prey. for example the issue squid squid ink to outwit predators. or a skunk, he issued a very smelly fart to get rid of the smell and make the prey away.

But there is something unique in a kind of snail called Hinea Brasiliana. do not like snails in general who will direct snail hiding in its shell but the light was out of his shell.

Hinea issued light emitted Brasiliana suddenly and will make predators surprised. This makes the snails have time to go into hiding into the shell.

The uniqueness of this species is investigated by two scientists from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, Dimitri Deheyn and Nerida Wilson. Through their research, the researchers found that the way Hinea Brasiliana emit green light in a unique way when dealing with predators such as crabs and shrimp are swimming.

The researchers say, usually light produced by the snail by emitting a focused way. However, Hinea Brasiliana emit light with a spread in a unique way through the cell shell. This makes him look bigger. The findings were published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Wilson says, "It is extremely rare snail seabed issue cahaya.lebih surprise when he learned of this snail can use the shell to optimize the light they produce."

He also found that the yellowish color of the shell that does not turn off the color of light produced by the snail, which is green. In fact, the shell plays a role in the spread of green color.
Deheyn says, adaptation in the use of snail shell is very interesting to study optics and biotechnology. Understanding the characteristics of the shell could help scientists to develop a special material that has the same function.
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