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Tips, Try This Before You Do Your Age 30 Years.

WITH time running out, often times you say "I should, I can do things better from now on!" Age continues to hunt down and force you to make a change.

30 Perform the following activities before you turned 30 years so when you look at yourself, you can smile proudly. Here it is, as reported by So Feminine.

1. Falling in love, even if only one time

2. Buying a very expensive pair of shoes or a really embarrassing not-that you will use for the second time

3. No sleep for 48 hours straight

4. Attending a music festival

5. Moving from home parents

6. Bare-chested in public

7. A crush with someone who does not supposed to be your appraiser

8. Singing in public

9. Middle of nowhere on vacation to a country that seemed wild and full of challenges

10. Studying foreign language

11. Cutting and coloring hair in a style that you regret for life

12. Love someone you'll regret for life

13. Do something for charity

14. Working abroad

15. Adding piercings, but not in an area ear

16. Consider having a tattoo

17. Starting your own business

18. Go to the club with female friends

19. Pregnant

20. Stop smoking

21. Watch live football matches

22. Being a third party in a love triangle

23. Sex at high risk

24. Loving someone from your company

25. Trying to extreme sports

26. Unlawful

27. Buying property for investment
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