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Want to know the outline of your life? Life Path reading nini accordance Fertility Rate
Discussions about the meaning of date of birth and its meaning is always interesting. There are some circles of people who believe that the date of birth that determines the fate, character, personality, romance, love, and so forth.
This raises a few things such as science or science of feng shui, zodiac, hongshui, zodiac, etc..

Figures Date of birth and life line

To find your life path, you add the date of birth into one number. then you see the significance regarding to the numbers that you have earned.
For example (you were born January 1, 1995, the 1 +1 +1 +9 +9 +5 = 26 = 2 +6 = 8), this means your life line 8. Please carefully look at more detail.

1. Life Path 1

His mission in life is to be always independent. There are two parts in the process of achieving this: first, you must learn to stand on two feet and not depend on others. Then once you are completely free and independent, learn to be leaders. Many generals, corporate leaders, and politicians have the number "Life Line" 1.

People who have a lifeline rate this one always has a great potential to become leaders, but they can fail if the a follower. Many of those who spent most of his attempt to break their dependence on others, but this would leave little time for them to get pleasure gained from independence.

People with a life line to spring from an environment that makes them easy for the dependent, and difficult for the independent. Those who have lived a full line rate with creative inspiration, and have enthusiasm and drive to accomplish a lot. The spirit and the potential comes from the depth of power possessed. Both physical and character. With this power, appears persistence and ability to lead.
As a natural leader, you have the influence to take over every situation. Over-confident and impatient. Very original, you are gifted as an inventor or innovator. In every job you choose, your independent attitude will be visible. You have a personal desires are very strong, and you always feel compelled to follow your own convictions. If someone with a life-line rate has not evolved well, and shows the negative side, it is a side-looking character that depends on the person. If you are at its worst point, the energy of the 1 This can make it become selfish.

2. Life Path 2

Positive character of their birth date number 2 is the sensitivity that generally have a fine ability to be fair and balanced. You can see many points of view in every argument or situation, and therefore people will find you as a mediator. In this role, you will be able to resolve various disputes with the classy way. There is genuine concern for others, you think the best about them, and want the best for others. You are honest and open in mind, speech and action. You tend to succeed in all activities of the group, where you practice the ability to incorporate people from diverse backgrounds. Etiquette and diplomacy is the way you deal with people all the time.

You are a man who feels comfortable routines to always follow the old habits. New things to try is not your favorite. But you are a master of compromise and maintain harmony in the environment, do not like to humble themselves in order to argue. A natural collector, in the sense rarely throw things (although for others it is definitely removed) still no good for you.
The negative side of life line number 2 is not too much trouble. The biggest obstacle and difficulty you can find is a passivity and a state of apathy and slowness. Also pessimistic attitude and can only little things accomplished. No need to explain again that those with this figure, if the negative side is more dominant, does not fit in the business world and despite the positive character stand out though, they prefer in a familiar environment and less competitive.

3. Life Path 3

For those whose birthday numbers 3, expression, socialization, and creativity as the lesson that must be taken in his life. World-class entertainers, people who shine and optimistic is included. People with life line 3 which has been honing his talent has a special creative flair, usually in verbal, writing, acting, or something. Mission to accomplish in life is success in its expression. Bright side for the people of this theme of harmony, beauty and pleasure, and share your creative abilities with the world. Sharpen your skills in creative expression is the highest mission for this life-line rate.

They are warm and friendly character, good speakers, social and open. Speakers are skilled in a sense not just a fun person to be heard, but more importantly, someone who is able to listen. They are individuals who are always welcome in any social situation, and also understand how to make others feel welcome. Potential of creative imagination is always there, although it could be something latent, because they are not always motivated to develop this potential. His attitude is almost always a positive view of life, and pembawaannya cheerful and open. You can face many obstacles in life to effectively and immediately re-excited. You have good manners and seems to be quite sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others. Life lived fully, often with no worries about tomorrow.

You are not very good at handling money matters because it did not consider important. The money will be spent as you have, and is not removed when you do not have any money. On the negative side, their attitude in life can be very mild to make it superficial. Your ability is often scattered and so lose focus. They live 3 lines with numbers is a puzzle, and you often change your mood and tend to shy away. It is difficult for you to stay in one place. Keep your people do not always criticizing, impatient, or too optimistic. Line 3 is to provide the ability to live above average in art. Good paint, interior design, landscaping, writing, music, theater, or could entirely. You are always happy, full of inspiration, and always looking for stimulation from like-minded people. You are lively nature that supports you to be shot, especially if you are able to focus your energies and talents on the appropriate interest.

4. Life Path 4

When the number of digits in your birthday 4, meaning you can be trusted, practical, and down to earth. You are a member of society who can be relied upon. The mission in life is to learn to get the commands or tasks and carry them out with dedication and tenacity. You always expect a lot from yourself just as you expect a lot from others. As a great organizer and planner because of your ability to see issues in a practical way, you have a strong will that is often misinterpreted as stubbornness. Once a decision is made, will immediately proceed to reach the conclusion, though it's wrong, right, or neutral. Your mindset is not easy to change and so confident in how you handle the issue. The way you are tenacious in achieving the goal almost like an obsession. Loyal and devoted, you're an ideal partner in marriage life and also a reliable business partner. Probably not many of your friends, but very close and very friendly normally throughout life.

This 4 life lines associated with the earth element that gives strength and realistic feeling. Jika patience and persistence is the nature of your day, then success will most obtainable in life. The negative side of 4 this is an attitude that is too dogmatic, narrow-minded, and repressive or not flexible to new ideas. You do not like the people who are superficial, and yourself too open with all your feelings. 4 which have a negative bad tendency to get involved too deeply with daily routines and are often less responsive to things that are more widely so that is not uncommon to lose a lot of great opportunities that come once in a while.

5. Life Path 5

Interest and ability a lot, adventurous, and progressive is some description for their Life Path number 5. Instead of 4, you do not like routine, so that the daily work that must be immediately resolved not to you. Always trying to find answers to the mysteries of life, you want to always be free, independent, and no ties. People living with this 5 line is a great communicator, and knows how to motivate others. This makes you a good teacher. Love for adventure is the theme of your life. Can be in the form of real or just in mind. Whatever it is, you are always keen to explore new things. Many of your potential, but had no direction. It is also often unclear to your own desires. The energy that exists in life path number 5, if used incorrectly makes you not have a sense of duty and responsibility in decision making in domestic life and business.

Blogging on sensation and adventure can make yourself priority to self-satisfaction and not sensitive to the feelings of the people around you. For those who are in the negative extreme, life path number 5 is highly unreliable and self come first. For most, this extremely hedonist personality, likes to have fun, live for today, and do not want to think about tomorrow. It is important for you to get along with people who have tastes and mindsets that are not much different, and avoid those serious and demanding. It is also important to choose a job that challenges your mind rather than routine tasks. Career bests are dealing with a lot of people, but most importantly is that you must have the freedom to express yourself anytime.

6. Life Path 6

Very different from the number 5, the characters live line 6 that the most prominent is a great sense of responsibility. You are idealistic, and happy if it is useful to others. The biggest contribution that you give in life is to give advice, service and support. This theme is the life line of leadership because of its ability to set an example and willingness to take responsibility.

It makes you always be willing to bear the brunt of the group and ready to help. You are often compelled to act with strength and compassion. You are sympathetic, and enjoy sharing with others, whether it helps in terms of mental and material. Wisdom, balance, and understanding are some of your character. Your ability to understand other people's problems, and this has become your character since childhood, so there is no problem in dealing with people young and old.

You are willing to spend more than the requested power, and could always be relied upon by the family. Realistic look at life, for you are the most important in life is home, family and friends.

Of course there are negative sides to each person, for the life line 6 is, you must avoid the tendency of too many accept responsibility and be enslaved by others. Also, avoid too much self-criticism as well as to others). If the bad character nurtured, then there is a tendency to exaggeration, and feel self-righteous, though not always develop like this. It should also be avoided, impose their own opinions and take care of other people's problems. Because always felt should be responsible, then it carries the burden will be felt very heavy, even so, if occasionally you are forced to not feel responsible, you will really feel guilty and will give the effect of damaging the relationship with other people.

7. Life Path 7

They are a Life Path number 7, peaceful and loving spirit, but an analytical and not too open. Great strength in you look at it thinking, you always gather new knowledge in every thing you find. An intellectual, scientific, and always seeking knowledge, you will not blindly accept a view without a test and obtain their own conclusions. This figure is also a spiritual and since childhood has shown wisdom. You need brain power to be able to recognize your heart's content. Crowd, many people, it's not preferred.

In their work, you'll do it until the finish, because you're a perfectionist who expects everyone to meet high performance standards. You evaluate situations quickly and correctly. Experiences and intuition guide you in the act. You do not easily trust other people advice. Indeed, your hunches are often correct, and because you know this, you always follow it. Easy for you to know about the lies and you can identify where people are honest, what is not. Not a lot of your friends, but once you accept someone as a friend, that's for a lifetime. You have absolutely not someone who likes to hang out with people a lot, and your attitude that is closed is considered as a distance. That's not true at all, you are indeed happy to be alone, away from all the hustle of modern life.

In many ways, you are more suited to the era long before the present. If the number 7 in line energy is used in a negative life, you become a pessimist, ignorant, easy to quarrel, and full of secrets. If this individual does not live life correctly and do not learn from experience, he became a tough private because he could not think of the interests of others. Personality lifeline 7 is selfish and spoiled. If you feel you have these qualities, it is difficult to remove them with ease because you feel that the world should always treat you well. Fortunately, the negative nature of 7 is not a general character. Emotions are often extreme figures, was at a low point at a time, then high in the next moment. Rarely stable.

8. Life Path 8

Your focus is to get the satisfaction derived from the material world. Life Path 8 is the people who are confident, strong, and successful in the material. You are an independent, full of encouragement and competitive. Your daily routine involves business relationships, practical and down to earth, very little time for dreams and fantasies. If the ambition, the ability of the organization, and your approach was honed efficient, there is nothing you can not accomplish. Your focus mostly about money and power manipulation in it.

Life line 8 is probably the most importance on status and class, as a matter of side by side with material success. If the character 8 is developed properly, you are endowed with great potential for creating advanced ideas, as well as the tenacity and independence to make it happen. In short, with all the characters that you really ready to compete in the business world or other areas that are matches. You know very well how to manage yourself and your environment. Practical and stable in an effort to achieve these goals, you have the confidence that makes you brave.
Negative nature of their live line 8 can sometimes be like a dictator, and often resist the enthusiasm and effort from our friends in the neighborhood. Also, the strong personality makes it even less feeling you close to the people around. Material gains and rewards the most important thing, so the family, home, and peace of mind even neglected. Emotional feelings are often suppressed inner life line 8 is negative. This gives rise to a sense of isolation and loneliness. You should try to always respect other people's opinions.

9. Life Path 9

The main properties of their Life Path number 9 person are compassion, generosity and a very humanitarian attitude. It is the mission you have to learn in life. Usually this number produces an individual who is very trustworthy and honorable, and an individual who does not have a racist nature in any form. Of course, all this looks like a list of properties that are too perfect, but you are someone who is feeling deeply for those less fortunate than yourself. And if you are in a position to help, you will do. You are very sensitive and look around yourself with a sense of love. Your life line with the highest number is in the position of the high life and by itself has a lot of responsibility.

The purpose of life life line 9 this is philosophical. Judges, spiritual leaders, healers and educators, often have 9 this energy. Material gains are not overly important, although the quality of some produce is such that the material rewards exceptional. For the good of many people, you often have to be not put yourself and let go of material things. Even those with life path 9 that is not too special just to have a very compassionate person. The desire to help people, especially the troubled and less fortunate, very strong. Your kindness is also often misused and you are also not infrequently disappointed by others.

Your understanding of the life is sometimes realized in the form of art and literature. With this life path you are able to express their deepest emotional feelings by painting, writing, music or other art forms. But there also often difficult to find the right media as a way of life.

Professional help and healing is the right choice for those with life path number 9. You are less inclined to the competitive business environment. You have the ability to make friends easily, as people are interested in your personality that is open and like a magnet. You are given the gift of understanding people, which if used correctly can be very useful for others. Attention to others make you quite social. People just naturally like them with a lifeline rate 9 because you are sympathetic, tolerant and broad-minded.

You are a romantic and in love and passion, like getting lost on the right path. Relationships can be difficult for you, because it is not easy to get the most appropriate balance. If couples just like you, that have the nature of giving, then the relationship will be happy and survive, but hard material. On the other hand, if you choose individuals who are down to earth and concerned with the material, problems will arise.

As with the life path number, number 9 has a downside. Although of course the people who tend to the negative point nine fewer than the large positive character. Usual for them to oppose the realities and challenges that exist in it. It may be difficult for you with 9 negative, to believe that giving and a lack of personal ambition can be satisfying. It must be realized and accepted that satisfaction and happiness of small-long-term happiness can be obtained by grinding natural humanness in this life line.
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