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Why is Baby Crying When Born?

Often the question arises why newborns cry that is identical with sadness instead of laughter is a sign of mirth?  Those ancient philosophy even make crying babies as a sign of the struggle of life that will dilakoninya not easy.  But there is actually a scientific explanation why babies cry yanglahir.

All mothers giving birth would be happy and feel the pain disappeared when she heard the baby is born crying.  It also could be an indicator that the baby has been born into the world are safe.

As is known by everyone that the baby can only communicate with his parents only through crying, because it is a baby's cry is heard at birth adalahsalah one form of communication from the baby.

During the live baby in the womb environment and there yangberair road that connects the heart and lungs to help the baby get the nutrients from the mother's blood.
When a new baby is born, the baby took a breath for the first time through changes in blood circulation and with tears helped pave the circulation to deliver oxygen through the lungs.

The crying in babies they help open his lungs in order to inhale oxygen.  And pat gently on the back of the baby's body is useful to encourage the baby to do the breathing air.  In addition, crying is one way babies communicate.

As quoted from the Telegraph, mothers who give birth naturally or normally would show a greater surge in brain activity when he heard the baby cry than mothers who gave birth by Caesarean.

In the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, the researchers describe the researchers used functional MRI scans to see the reaction of the 12 women after first hearing her baby cry for 30 ******* The scans showed that the crying baby is able to regulate the activity in different regions  maternal brain, one of which is the amygdala, the part that play a role in regulating emotions mothers.

In addition to helping babies in breathing with the use of his lungs, crying at birth also helps the activities of members of the baby's body itself.  Because when the baby cries will automatically move.

So it's natural if the newly born baby is crying, because it is the first time the baby can see the world.  In fact if a baby does not cry, it means there is something wrong with the baby's condition yangtidak and doctors should immediately find out.
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