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5 secrets of the private areas you need to know girl

FOR some, genital area, still become something that is too taboo to talk about.  In fact, as women, it is important for you to learn more about the ins and outs of the area of femininity, until the proper way to maintain.

Forget the harsh soaps and other cleansers.  Because, your intimate areas to keep it clean itself.  According to Lisa Stern, a nurse practitioner who works with Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles, the vaginal area has a gland that produces fluid to lubricate and clean the genital organ itself.

''The majority of vaginal infection that I see in offices are caused mostly by the women themselves who think that they're doing a good thing to wash your vagina with soap and water, or worse, with shower,''he said.  reincarnate

Bath products, particularly those containing chemical dyes or perfumes, can irritate the vagina or eliminate lubricants useful and flora (bacteria and fungi) are normal and natural, advanced Stren.

When the useful compounds are not present, anaerobic bacteria and fungi proliferate and can cause some symptoms such as odor and itch discharge.  A little mild soap may be used to maintain the cleanliness of the area labih, but the rest can be handled by your own body.

The average size of the vagina is three to four inches in length, said Lissa Rankin, MD, gynecologist and author of 'What's Up Down There?  Questions You'd Only Ask Your gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend. "  However, size can be doubled when aroused.

Some women, said dr.  Rankin, still feeling pain during sex with a partner.  He recommends using lots of lubricant and make love slowly.  Push''couples to enjoy foreplay.  The more you feel aroused, sexual relations would not seem so painful.''

Just like the face, the area was experiencing womanhood wrinkles with age.  Labia''may be mengisut while estrogen levels decrease, the labia fat pads shrink and reduced collagen can cause more slack,''said dr.  Rankin.  reincarnate

Vulvar skin become darker or brighter, and the clitoris shrinking buffer.  However, this condition is normal.  ''These changes, which are often associated with decreased levels of estrogen, did not affect the enjoyment it produces.''

Some women can ejaculate when orgasm.  ''It can happen, and it's not unnatural.  It is a learned skill and is more common in women when he was getting old and learn how the body works,''said dr.  Rankin.

So, how exactly the condition it happen?
''There are a number of glands around the urethra is the tube between the bladder to the outside world that may be issued a fluid, especially when the anterior vaginal wall (aka G-spot) is stimulated.''

Beverly Whipple, Ph.D., RN, sexuality researcher and professor at Rutgers College of Nursing, describes this area as' female prostate, "a collection of glands, blood vessels, nerves, and the spongy tissue which when stimulated, it seems to produce a liquid on a number of  women.

The vagina is like a bicep muscle that must be trained to continue.  ''It is true that the vagina remains healthy when you use it regularly.  Sex is not just keeping sensitive vaginal tissues remain healthy, your genitals are also almost like a memory.  If you keep reminding her pussy that he had a purpose other than reproduction, so he may be able to meet that goal,''said dr.  Rankin.  reincarnate

If too long ignored (no sex, Kegel exercises, etc.), the vaginal walls can become brittle.  When menopause strikes, the area could be injured and close slightly.  However, sex is not the only answer.  doctor can recommend specific exercises and instruments that can help keep your sex organs in top condition.
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