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Evidence Bing Tracing Google

Amit Singhal from Google wrote the evidence that Bing, engine search engine to Microsoft, Google search data copying blindly.  The second evidence is the result of experiments conducted its engineers after the suspect with the ability Bing over the years.

The first evidence that Google is copying Bing in the search word "tarsorrhaphy", eyelid surgery procedures are extremely rare.  In mid-2010, Google's search results a unique look that produces a search by keyword.  Users then enter a search with one keyword, ie "torsoraphy".  However, the Google engine would recommend following the correct term search results.

"At that time, Bing did not provide search results with the wrong term.  Then, in late summer, Bing began our search results to visitors without stating the correct term.  This is very strange, "wrote Singhal.

According to him, how could the engine provides search results with keywords that are not requested visitors not knowing the correct term is.  If it knows the correct term, the search results with keywords that are right of course more.  In fact, the results with the correct term was only one address, and mix with the wrong keywords.

He said that a few months later, Google also noted that the number of website addresses in Google's search results are traced Bing growing, both with popular keywords and terms that a typo.  In fact, he said, the search results according to Google engineers not true because any algorithm appeared in the Bing.

"We were aware something was happening and our curiosity is getting stronger by the end of October 2010 at just how many top search results on Google a lot in common with Bing.  Statistical pattern was difficult to set aside.  To test this hypothesis, we need to experiment to see if Microsoft actually use the Google search results on the rating Bing, "said Singhal.

To prove the hypothesis, Google engineers are also experimenting with a synthetic 100 results.  They use key words are less likely to use the user, for example, "hiybbprqag".  In this experiment, Google is adding an additional site address in the search results that have nothing to do with that keyword.

"To the 20 engineers we provide laptops that have been fitted with Microsoft's new Windows Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) equipped with Bing Toolbar.  During the installation process, we chose the "Suggested Sites" in IE8 and we choose the default settings Bing Toolbar, "said Singhal.

Then, everyone is asked to do a search with keywords that are weird in the Google search engine and then clicking on the address of a site that had been inserted earlier.  In a few weeks later, a special website address was added to Google's search results appear in Bing for the same keyword.  In fact, it was the only web address that appears in Google search results and deliberately added.

Keywords that are used as experimental Google among others hiybbprqaq a given search results order tickets at a theater in Los Angeles.  Other keywords delhipublicschool40 chdjob a given search result web addresses Credit Union.  The keyword search results juegosdeben1ogrande given the web address of the seller of jewelry.

With these findings, he menyimpukan that Microsoft take advantage of features in IE8 Suggested Sites and Customer Experience Improvement Program in Bing Toolbar to send the data users in the Google search results to Microsoft.  Can also use other methods for a user's search results on Google can be traced Bing.

"We look forward to the competition with the original search engine algorithms, algorithms that are built on innovation and not the search results essentially recycled from competitors," said Singhal.  According to him, what did Microsoft would only produce cheap search, incomplete aka imitation version of Google.

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