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Harvard scientists emphasize that the Aliens Not Found

The appearance of crop circles in Sleman, Yogyakarta makes a scene in public.  In fact, not a few which connects connecting with the arrival of UFOs (Unidentified flying object) associated with space aliens or aliens.

While in the other hemisphere, specifically in the United States, a leading scientist has concluded that most likely no aliens out there.  That means, the man alone and not have to waste time trying to establish contact with the green being big-headed, for example.

Is a senior scientist in the field of astrophysics from Harvard University, USA, Dr Howard Smith who believes very little possibility for us, humans, to find aliens.  Even so, almost no sense to make contact with them.

The discovery of 500 planets outside our solar system or extrasolar systems similar to Earth, does not necessarily make the possibility to see the bigger aliens.  According to Smith, the planets are too close to their sun or vice versa, too far.  That means, if not extreme heat, the planets are too cold to support life.  In addition, irregular orbit will make the temperature uncertain.  That means, the water could not exist.

"We have found most of the other planets is very much different from the Earth. Also our solar system. They are very cruel environment for a life," Smith said as loaded the Daily Mail, Monday, January 24, 2011.

"The information we have supports the fact that we are effectively alone in the universe."

What made Smith contrary to astrophysicists, Stephen Hawking.

According to Hawking, there are billions of galaxies out there.  That makes the existence of other life forms other than humans, become rational.

Similarly, researchers from the University of London.  Recently they released an analysis that there are 40,000 mingkin planet so the world of the aliens.

However, for Smith, Hawking estimates and research of University of London was too optimistic.  "Hope to make contact with aliens small bubbles is limited space around the Earth. It may reach 1250 light years from the planet. Alien will not be possible to receive signals from Earth and return signal."

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