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Healthy Kick Up Parents

In making lifestyle today demanded a balance between high activity and running a healthy life.  Thus the development of lifestyle began to notice aspects of health.

Of course we all want to be healthy because health is very expensive.  So that we can be healthy young to old, as well as for the elderly can be healthy always.

Do you know the rainbow?  must have been obvious yes!  Rainbow is the mystery of God Almighty.  There consist of a set of colors, red Namely, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet popular abbreviated mejikuhibinilu!  It is a sign that we should go on a diet RAINBOW!  Because a lot of vitamins, calories, nutrition, anti-oxidants, beta carotene and other needed by our bodies.

Most of the rainbow diet obtained from vegetables and fruits as diverse color.  And with the diet of rainbow creating our immune power increases, terbbas of vascular disease, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and other diseases.

Stay away from foods that are white.  For example: Sugar, Salt, Flour - tepungan (flour, starch, meizena, rice, etc.) milk, which incidentally has a high value kabrohidat stress that make insulin, and sodium retention.

    1.  Start eating brown rice!
    2.  Eat vegetables and fruits the color, make carrot juice every day at least two seeds.
    3.  Look for dishes tofu, tempeh, and fresh fish.
    4.  Drink 8 glasses of pure water per day
    5.  Change your lifestyle to reduce stress, stay away from fast food meals, meat - dagingan.  eg: Beef, lamb, chicken, offal, and other fatty foods.
    6.  Sports: at least 3 to 4 times a week.  Start from mild, such as jogging and exercise your hobby.
    7.  Stop smoking or drinking alcohol especially drugs!  If you do, you would have wanted to live in jail / prison!
    8.  Do not accustomed to taking a supplement which contains caffeine primary or other products which contain caffeine.  Have mercy on your heart and kidneys!
    9.  Fill out the day - a beautiful day with creativity, passion, learning, prayer, friends, and others such as playing music.
   10.  Good luck and good health always!

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