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In order to Survive, It Must Drink Boy Viagra regularly
Viagra is usually consumed by man to overcome sexual dysfunction.  However, a British child, Calvin Muteesa, should take Viagra every day for survival.

Viagra Calvin consumed four times a day.  This custom made Calvin since the age of three months.  Today, Calvin is the youngest British person who regularly consume Viagra.
What makes this poor kid have to take medicine 'mighty' every day?

Cause Calvin taking impotence drugs is because the disease pulmonary arterial hypertension who suffered.  This rare disease can make Calvin blood pressure becomes very high, so the lungs can cause lack of oxygenated blood.

As a result of this disease, Calvin also had to struggle to breathe.  Organ heart also has to work twice as hard in order to force the blood flow to his lungs.  Function consumed Viagra relaxes the pulmonary artery, which carries blood to the lungs and allows more blood and oxygen through it.

When Calvin was born, she was diagnosed as having problems in the intestine and kidney.  He was immediately operated on.  "When Calvin was a boy, his chest up and down and he had difficulty breathing. We think there is a problem in the kidneys," says Maureen, the mother of Calvin, as quoted by The Sun.

"One morning, when I want to give milk to Calvin, I find his eyes did not move and she stopped breathing. I was shocked and immediately took him to the hospital. After review, the results of tests at the Royal London Hospital showed oxygen levels in his body is very low," he said  added.

Finally, the doctor asks Calvin taking Viagra, because, according to medical observation there is no other suitable drugs for the condition.  Originally Maureen did not know what type of drug, after knowing she was shocked.  But Calvin's condition improved after taking Viagra.

In recent years, in fact many doctors use Viagra to help premature babies with respiratory problems.

Calvin is currently taking Viagra in liquid form with a certain dose.  Maureen also have to be careful and not too late to give the drug.  Because, this kid never should be immediately taken to the hospital, because caregivers missed three doses.  Thus, stock Viagra should always be available at home to Calvin.

According to Maureen, so far doctors still recommend this treatment to Calvin.  However, if Calvin was old enough, the mother wished her son could undergo lung transplantation and heart, to be separated from Viagra.
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